Monday, June 13, 2011

82 Days: Michael "White Lightnin" Bennett

Insert "white, prototypical possession
receiver" analyst-speak here.

It's day 18 of the march to the 2011 season, which means that we're 82 short days away from teeing it up "Between the Panhandlers" in downtown ATL. I'm banking on the guys that play on the smurf turf being completely befuddled by these vagrants that walk the streets of "The A" and quickly joining their mindless, obsessive ranks


Today's feature focuses on the token white receiver on the team, redshirt freshman Michael Bennett. In case you weren't sure, Tavarres King has done his best to assure that the entire Bulldawg Nation is fully aware of his status by aptly naming him "White Lightnin". The aforementioned euphemism is quite common throughout Southern culture. Take a look for yourself...

  • Was a hit of no less than 4 bands during the last 30 years. The first was the Possum's version in 1959, which was written by The Big Bopper. Next was Def Leppard's epic 7:00 minutes worth of Adrenalize audio. And then you have two obscure Canadian guys battling out for the other two renditions - it's Canadian, so it's really not worth discussing here.
  • If you haven't seen Burt Reynold's 1973 classic White Lightning, you.... probably already know what it's about - car chases, cars throwing donuts, police car crashing, more car chases, car jumping, hanky panky with women folk, a couple more car jumps, and Ned Beatty.
  • Another colloquial term for moonshine. Can also be interchanged with hooch, mountain dew, corn liquor, shine, rotgut, everclear, or any number of other words for liquor distilled from corn.
  • Pretty much any car that is white and driven by a redneck bears the name "White Lightning". It's a must especially if you have a white 76 Cadillac and are in high school.

From what little I've seen, I don't really know what to expect from Bennett, but from what I've heard, it sure seems like people are expecting a lot from him. He's been getting rave reviews since last fall, so I feel like there is probably a reason that he's getting some love, much like Knowshon did during his redshirt season and before the 2007 season. Dawgola has been on him since 2010's fall camp, pretty much before anyone had mentioned him being a stand-out. His comments are below:

One player that surprised me was freshman receiver Michael Bennett. He ran very crisp routes and already has a lot of size...appeared to have good hands as well.

With the depth that we currently have at receiver, I see no reason that Bennett couldn't be a Top-2 target. There aren't any current wideouts brimming with the attitude "throw me the ball" outside of TK this year. I don't really know what to expect, but I'm very hopeful that he'll look a lot like Kris Durham did last season, without the injury. We sure need someone to step up, cause Orson, Aron, and TK can't catch every pass.


Next up: No. 81, Aron White

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