Tuesday, June 14, 2011

81 Days: Aron White

Get that orange off of him...
(Photos courtesy of Brandt Sanderlin, AJC)
It's only nine short weeks until you, me, and 75,000 of our closest Dawg brethren tempt fate and sojourn to the inner confines of "The Perimeter". Well, actually it's nine weeks if your weeks consist of 9 days like Chuck Norris' do. They're nine days because that's how long the gestation is of Norris babies. 9 months is for pu$$ies, especially when you can make it happen in a week like Chuck Norris.
Oh, and he never pays his alimony.
But I know you're tired of hearing about Chuck Norris and his reproductive exploits, now it's time to get down to brass tacks - or Aron White, if you happen to follow our little countdown.
Aron is a 6'4 240-pound senior from Rock Bridge, Missouri. He was the number one tight end, as rated by Rivals.com, in his 2007 recruiting class.
How did he find his way to Georgia from Missouri you might ask? Well, the answer is pretty intuitive.
"Yeah, well... I could've played for the home state Tigers, but have you seen their mascot? Yeah, you guessed it, it's not a real tiger. Do you think I wanna play football where the mascot looks more like a Care Bear than an actual live tiger?"
I bet this "tiger" wears skinny
jeans and v-neck t-shirts while not
on the clock. And he's a vegan...
 "Hell, no. I'd like to sucker punch that wanna-be Alf right in the face. What goofy goat roper ever thought that it would be a good idea to have a Furry Fest at a college football game?"

"LSU has Mike the LIVE Tiger and Colorado has that real buffalo, whatever it's name is. In fact, that was the sole reason Logan went out there. Last year, he wanted to have a foot race with that buffalo so bad he couldn't stand it. He said that there was no was way some chick buffalo could out fair catch run him, so he's going to show that trick who's boss."
Aron is the most experienced returner on what will be the best TE unit in the country this season. He's slated to start opposite of Orson Charles and is beginning to also develop some blocking ability to complement his ability to catch passes and stretch the field. He is also a recent graduate of the university and is a model student-athlete. White is one of those guys that that you can't have enough of on your team.
With all the above considered, I expect a lot from Aron - both in terms of production and in terms of leadership on and off the field. He's one of my favorite Dawgs, so he gets really good marks from me all the way across the board. I wouldn't be surprised if White has a decent season, finds himself on a pro team after the 2012 Draft, and has a solid, but not impressive, pro career. Either way, he's a kid that has a lot ahead of him.
I'm going to predict 300 yards receiving on 22 catches with 6 TD for the season.
Next up: No. 80,  Taylor Bradberry

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