Wednesday, June 15, 2011

80 Days: Taylor Bradberry

There's nothing that makes me angrier than when we have to use a guy's "" profile for his picture. Luckily, I found this photo of him at practice. And to his credit, Bradberry did appear in three games last year: La-La, Vandy, and Idaho State. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of him from any of those games. Anyway, Bradberry is a 6-3 198 lb junior wide receiver, and is a semi-local product, as he brings his game in from Winder, GA. And here are his career stats (via

Uh, well...he does have one thing going for him: #80 is a damn fine number for a wide receiver, just ask Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, and Steve Largent. And there's more good news: As of now, TB is listed as fourth on the depth chart at Split End. I'm feeling some Taylor Bradberry in our future folks. WATCH OUT COASTAL CAROLINA!

I also typed "bradberry" into Google, hoping it would be some kind of weird fruit. It's not. But I did find the Bradberry coat of arms:

Next up: #79 Justin "Bean" Anderson

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