Thursday, June 16, 2011

79 Days: Justin "Bean" Anderson

His nick name should more appropriately be something
like Justin Storm in this look - if you catch my drift.

Yes folks, it's day 20 of the countdown. That means we've come up with almost three weeks worth of nonsense and you keep reading it - I guess that means we're doing at least a decent job of entertaining you with the march toward the 2011 season opener.

Today's feature focuses on what could be the guy with the most interesting nickname on the team, No. 79, Justin "Bean" Anderson. I'd say it's certainly rivals Alec "Tree" Ogletree, Ken "Boo" Malcome, Derrick "Parking" Lott, Jakar "Hitman" Hamilton, Sanders "Keep Em'" Commings, and Israel "Boy Scout" Troupe. Okay, I may have made a couple of those up, but I can't say I won't be calling them that from now on.

People have seemingly been calling Justin by another name for awhile, but I really wasn't sure where Bean got his title until recently. I thought it was just because of his size, but it turns out the story is a little different than that. It revolves around a common story from your youth. Apparently his story time at night wasn't as enjoyable as everyone else's.

Jack and the Beanstalk was a book that was too often too close to his bedside.

"I'm real, real scared of that story. My mama used to read me that story and all I could think about is, 'Man that giant dude is big enough to make a pancake out of me.' When he says 'Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman' my moms and pops used to say, 'Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of a Jus-tin An-der-son!'"

"That's some jacked up stuff when you got your folks tellin' you that. I mean... I can't read then, so I can't know no better. I thought that giant was after me. I was real scared all the time... just running around and they'd yell 'BEANSTALK' and I'd go hide under my bed and cry all night til I went to sleep. After a while it went to 'BEAN', so now I got to deal with that and stuff."

"It ain't cause I'm round like a bean or nothin' - it's cause of that. I think people don't really know that."

Mr. Anderson has had a bit of an up-and-down career at UGA. After some time at prep school, he looked poised to be a mainstay at guard or tackle during his time in Athens. I think he's had a bit of a tough time catching on to the complicated scheme that Searles had in place and he's taken a bit of a hit from that.

Our depth last year on the O-line and lack of big depth at NG necessitated a preseason move to NG, but an injury early on kept him from seeing any time at the spot. Now he's back at RT and certainly has the tools to succeed at the spot, as he's was one of the most heralded offensive line recruits that we've locked down in some time.

If we are going to have any offensive success, Bean is going to have to have some success pass blocking, which has been quite a struggle for him at UGA. Since the departure of AJ Harmon a few months ago, the spotlight has been on Anderson - I sure hope he can handle it - otherwise we're going to have to have a freshman step up and fill in. It's certainly doable, but there's obviously a reason Clint Boling finds himself in the NFL now.


Next up: No. 78, NEW DAWG, Watts Dantzler

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