Saturday, June 18, 2011

77 Days: Trinton Sturdivant

Best wishes, big fella...

It's only 77 short days, or 11 weeks, until the Dawg Nation begins it's 2011 season. Today's spot on the countdown is occupied by Trinton Sturdivant, who has less luck than the great Erk Russell had hair.

Today's episode is going to be a little abbreviated for a few reasons - namely because it's a Saturday in June, it's 82 degrees outside, and I gotta lot more I could be doing.

Trinton is one heckuva DGD and has really laid it all out there for UGA. Despite two knee injuries, he looked like he had finally turned the corner and returned to almost 100% late last season. Unfortunately, the third knee injury came earlier this year.

While I don't know many, if any details surrounding Trinton's rehab, it certainly doesn't look good that he'll ever be in the No. 77 on the field again. When you start talking about what you want to do for your future job and you're a current player, it's not always the best sign. That has to be pretty discouraging when folks were saying that you'd be a future NFL LT 5 short years ago.

Either way TS seems like a really bright kid who will succeed at anything in life and does still have an outside chance of suiting up for the Red and Black again. I'll be cheering for him, but he certainly looks like he's got a lot more than football going for him at this point.


Next up: No. 76, Oh well.... Nobody wants that one either.

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