Monday, June 20, 2011

75 Days: And Crowell Upchucked....75 Times

Joe T showing you how to THROW DOWN in the weight room...

Happy Monday out there folks. It's only 75 days until we roll into Atlanta. Today's little ditty doesn't include a player because, well... no one has yet picked up the number 75 after Kiante Tripp vacated it last season. Instead of picking a random subject to discuss today, I thought that I'd discuss a little happening from the strength and conditioning side of the program recently.

If you haven't heard recently, which I have no doubt that you have, there has been a great deal of hubbub around the new head of the program and his "more intense, grueling" workouts. This has led more than a few of the Bulldawg faithful to beleive that we'll see a big difference on the field this season because of that newer "old-school" approach to training.

In the course of this training, there have been multiple reports of "selling Buicks" during and after the workouts due to their intensity. This has some of those same folks convinced that the workouts are extremely tough and leading some to wonder if the new kids on campus are in shape enough to compete. Isaiah Crowell was one of these guys that were caught "praying to the porcelain gods" during one of Joe T's recent workouts.

Even Matty Ice blows chunks every now and again...

Let me ask this, has anyone else felt like they were going to throw up after an early strenuous workout or cardio session in about 95 degree temps? I know I have and I don't have someone yelling at me to go faster and harder. I know I'm not in the best of shape, but I've seen many people throw up after a tough workout. It didn't mean anything to me other than it was really hot and they weren't prepared for it.

So, in summation, can we please stop overreacting to these rumors surrounding the new training regimen? How about everyone use some logic before coming to the conclusion that everyone's having such a hard time now and it's so much different from the past. It may be, but will that actually translate to more wins come December? I sure don't know.


Next up: No. 74, Austin Long


  1. I agree 100 percent with you I know that anytime you start a new workout regiment and you are not pushed to the point of yelling buick your not working hard enuff. I'm excited to hear that our boys are being pushed that hard. if they are getting gut checked now maybe when there is 5 min. to go in the game in late september we can pull a win out. I believe our failures over the last two years is bc we were exhausted in the 4th quarter and the better conditioned team kicked our butt

  2. who is complaining about it? we have a large group of georgia fans (most of them live in atlanta) that are a bunch of panzys. These guys need their asses busted, they were too soft this year, they wont be this year. Do you think alabama isnt working out just as hard???? Hopefully this hard work will carry over on the field