Tuesday, June 21, 2011

74 Days: Hurricanes and UGA Football

No, that isn't the mountain/volcano in Dante's Peak.
***FYI: Today should be AUSTIN LONG's day. Van Dawgin completely screwed the pooch on this one. Sorry folks, he'll atone for this grave error tomorrow. I really don't know how he slipped up here. Austin, if you're reading, our apologies. What a jackleg thing to do. Step your game up Marty.***

No one wants these 70's numbers. AT ALL...

Actually, that isn't completely true. Zach DeBell thought enough of "The Old 76'er" to call it his own, but I ultimately left off this exquisite opportunity to throw in a cheap Great Outdoors joke. Well, I now take this opportunity to shamelessly pay homage to Zach's big brother, "The Old 96'er". Hopefully, the young DeBell has found a few of those meat scraps that weren't left after Mr. Candy was finished with the mammoth steak...

But enough about Zach DeBell and No. 76 or 96 or whatever. It's not any of those days until the Mean Machine in Red and Black comes down the Terminus track. It's 74 days until we hopefully gain a little respect back, or spend the rest of the season as "The Team That Respect Forgot" or "How I Learned to Lose Fans and Alienate a Fanbase" by Mark Richt.

Today's spotlight shines on hurricanes... You ask why? Well we're not talking about the ones from Miami... No, I'm talking about the CAT 5 ruin your picnic and destroy your house variety. They're basically nature's most terrifying spectacle, well that and tornadoes of similar velocity (For all those victims out there, we here at H2H keep you in our prayers daily. Tragedy was not too far from our home either, and it puts life in perspective.) and ferocity.

Well, the reason that we're talking all meteorological today relates directly to the number 74. It's the sustained wind speed that differentiates a tropical depression from a hurricane. Basically, you can still be a pretty destructive storm without being considered a hurricane - it's a mere 1 MPH difference. Doesn't seem like much, but what does Fox News and CNN spend all of their time on? Hurricanes or tropical depressions? That's what I thought.

While this may be quite tangential to football discussion (I'm sorry for the heavy topic here), I feel it's very applicable to our current team of Dawgs.

In college football there are a lot of small plays that define you. Turnovers, offside or roughing the kicker penalties, a night out too late on the town - those are the things at which you can really boil down your season. It's well documented that we were CLOSE to some wins last season. A play here or there and things might not have been so glum at the end of it all.

That's the problem with Georgia recently, you just don't anticipate that we're going to win those small battles. It's what we have to get back. In years past just watching these guys play, I knew someone was going to step up... it was without doubt that Ben Watson was going to make a big catch, or Sean Jones was going to pick one off at a big spot.

Winning those small battles ratchets you up from just a tropical depression. It makes people respect you because they know you're a disciplined team. Those other guys aren't going to wear you out in the fourth quarter because you're mentally tougher than they are. It's the small difference in a good team and one that's going to rip your head off and spit down your neck. Well, that's what I'd like to metaphorically see every now and again.

Being 73 MPH just isn't good enough.


Next Up: No. 73, Brent Benedict

***Sorry I got all sentimental. I'm just tired of losing to teams when we should run them out of the stadium. Seriously, UCF and Colorado are like... eh... water under the bridge. Enough of that.***

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