Wednesday, June 22, 2011

73 Days: Brent Benedict

Benedict at least has one thing going for him: gotta love the alliterative name. Other than that, things have not been going too well for Benedict on the field, dating back to his horrific knee injury his senior year of high school. This forced UGA to move him from tackle -- which was his natural position as a recruit -- to guard. The good news? he IS listed as second on the depth chart, behind Chris Burnette. Honestly though, I would not look for Benedict to make large gains between now and the first game. Call me crazy, but a 315-pound linemen tearing 3 crucial knee ligaments and making a comeback does not give me to most optimistic feeling. I hope I am wrong and he sets the world on fire, but I just don't see it. 

I guess the fact that Benedict is second on the depth chart should bring about another concern -- our O-Line depth. Our starters seem serviceable, with Jones, Glenn, Gates, and Bean having adequate experience. But past those guys, we have a lot...I mean ALLOT of inexperience. And you have to think that someone inside the trenches will go down at some point. Okay, this is making me nervous just talking about it so I'm going to stop now...

Next up, one of the aforementioned linemen: #72 Kenarious Gates


  1. Brent's name reminds me of former Atlanta Braves catcher Bruce Benedict.

    Did Bruce really slip over to Ted Turner's house at night and wash all of Ted's cars?

    Bruce seemed to get a bunch of playing time and a bunch of favorable publicity from Ernie Johnson, Skip Carey, and Pete Van Wieren, who seemed desperate trying to gin up a fan favorite, while Bruce's actual on the field production left much to be desired.

    Yeah, Yeah, I know, Bruce was a great fielder. But he hit only 18 home runs in twelve years in Atlanta with a career .242 batting average. Worst, Bruce couldn't hit squat in the clutch.

    "Bruuuuuuuuuce" should have been "Booooooooooo" instead.

    Brent and Bruce are probably related and I'm the last to know.

    Regardless, Brent's near-namesake doesn't lend much confidence in Brent's abilities to contribute, his severe injuries notwithstanding.

  2. Anon 8:40,

    I did a little research...Bruce is in fact NOT Brent's father, but it is a funny comparison. in 1983 however, Bruce DID hit .298 with a .385 OBP and made the All-Star team. Hopefully we can get at least one good year out of Brent too.

  3. I really didn't want to pick on Bruce.

    Bruce would have been a great number 2 catcher any team would have wanted on their bench. The "Booooooo" is for Braves management which should have gone out and found a true number 1 catcher who would have contributed more offensively.

    One expects more offensive production from a catcher. We got 133% more home run production out of the second base position in one season than we got out of Bruce all twelve seasons in Atlanta. That second baseman was Davey Johnson, but still.

    And without his .298 season, Bruce would have been lucky to break .240 career.

    Agreed that maybe one good, almost great year, from Brent would be absolutely fantastic.

    2011 would be a really marvelous year for Brent Benedict to be good!

  4. I remember reading somewhere that following Brent's knee surgery, the doctor who performed it was very happy at how well the surgery had gone. Brent wasn't expected ever to play again but after the surgery everyone was confident he would reurn. Now, I know he isn't what he was before the surgey but it usually takes two whole years for someone to fully come back from an ACL surgery alone. This kid tore three ligaments 18-19 months ago. Yes, we are thin on the O-line and it would be great if he were 100% now but to hope for only one good-great year out of him is selling him short IMHO. I think we'll get three. Congratulations on your hardwork Brent, I trust you'll do just fine.

  5. I read over in the blogs at Scout that Brent has been working out with an third party trainer and came into the Summer in fantastic shape. Gives me hope that maybe he'll be a contributor this year.

  6. I had posted about how I expected to get 3 good/great years out of BB. Now I hear he has left the team because he didn't agree with the workouts. Forget everything I said positive about this guy. He tears his knee up in high school, no body thinks he'll ever play again. Richt and UGA still honor his scholarship, rehab him and all. Now that he's on the verge of playing again he leaves the team because he doesn't agree with his workouts. What an entitled piece of garbage. Good bye and Good ridance. If I were your father I'd be embarassed to call you my son, but then again my son understands the importance of loyalty.