Saturday, June 25, 2011

70 Days: NOT A.J. Harmon

Thanks a lot A.J. Harmon. Now, I have to find a creative way to continue our countdown. Harmon just never really got the ball rolling at UGA and, unfortunately, couldn't hang on in the end. The result is him transferring to Alabama State, which is a historically black college in Montgomery. make up for the "70" absence on our roster, I decided to simply type "70 days" into google and see what came up. Here is a list of the first few links that Google spit out:

The next few links were from the above two subjects, and then we get to...
  • 70 Days: the medical mystery of a sailor's death. This is actually a really interesting (and disgusting) article. Patricia Thompson, who was a U.S. Naval enlisted soldier, acquired a mysterious illness while stationed at the Naval Network Warfare Command in Norfolk, VA. After a barrage of testing, she eventually died from what doctors THINK was AHLE (it's where your immune system attacks your brain/spinal cord). Not to make light of the situation, but they could have used Dr. Gregory House in a bad kind of way. (BTW, the "disgusting" part came when she had to clean a backed up sewage system in her barrack -- pretty gross stuff). Anyway, I encourage you to read because it's actually very interesting. 
  • Sell Your Massachusetts Home in 70 Days!. ATTENTION ANYONE WHO OWNS A MASSACHUSETTS HOME: Signs that say the "Sell in 70 Days" are scams...shocking, I know.
  • 70 Days (Youtube Video). Some kind of fitness video.
  • "Once in 70 days". Some blogger complaining about Obama in about two sentences.
  • 70 Days with God. An iPhone app that gives a different Bible quote for 70 days. 
  • 7 Years Plus 70 Days. A recovering smoker who details an event at a concert where he was tempted to bum a cig. (He didn't just so you know.)
Well, at least tomorrow we have an actual player: #69 Ty Frix.

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