Sunday, June 26, 2011

69 Days: Ty Frix

We're to good ole' #69 on our countdown - "Ty Frix Day" Baby. In case you didn't know, Ty Frix is our coveted long snapper, which, for whatever reason, is a position that always fascinates me: the fact that Ty Frix only weighs 213 pounds yet wears a lineman's jersey number I find humorous (and the fact that he is a ginger only adds to the humor.)

To me, a long snapper ranks right up there with some of the other specialized positions in sports:

  • specialized pinch runner in baseball (or courtesy runner in high school)
  • random big guy that basketball teams put in to foul the other teams' poor free throw shooting big man
  • backup catcher in baseball who is adept at handling knuckleball pitchers
  • backup quarterback who teams put in at the end of games that can throw a 75 yard Hail Mary in the air. 
  • NASCAR driver who is ONLY good a road courses
  • "Long Drive" Champions in golf
In all seriousness though, Frix has done a more than capable job since he has become the long snapper. But when long snapping expert (and a package scholarship for his 2012 bro) Nathan Theus steps onto the practice field in the fall, we could end up having a heated long snapper battle. 

Good tip for parents: if your kid is a fat lineman and never gets to touch the ball, just tell them to practice long snapping. After all, there's always a demand for these guys...

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