Monday, June 27, 2011

68 Days: Chris Burnette

Front and center...

Don't get lost in the shuffle folks - the sky isn't falling and today's day should be one in which Chris should revel. Yes folks, I know my grammar. Anyway, we're 68 short days away from either stomping the proverbial mudhole in Boise's hind end or having it stomped in ours... if we have any players left. Really have to start considering that now.

Anyway, let's change the negative vibe around this place. After all Chris is a posiitive kind of guy, so this countdown post should reflect some of his qualities. For example:

Come on, Anakin Skywalker implores you...

Can't argue with this guy...

Hello Gypsy, give me your tears...
And finally, just imagine...

You could be a Florida fan.

Seriously, Chris Burnette and Darth Vader think you all need to calm down.

Chris is number 68 on the depth chart for a lot of reasons - that's the only one he could find laying around, Ty Frix wouldn't give him 69 (no matter the amount of the bribe), and Richt told him he couldn't have a single digit because those were for skill positions...... and John Jenkins. He should be number (actually all projected starters should be) for one simple one - they CANNOT get even the sniffles.

CB was going to get a lot of playing time this season, which means he'll likely now get all of it this season. I think he's more than willing to shoulder that responsibility though. I sure hope so.


Next up: No. 67, Hugh Williams

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