Tuesday, June 28, 2011

67 Days: Hugh Williams

Couldn't find a picture of Hugh, so you get a cute
Dawgie picture.... RIP UGA VI & VII
(courtesy of the Banner Herald)
We're at t-minus 67 days until kickoff of the 2012 season, which means the number of the day is - come on Math majors - the square root of 4489 or, 67. It's also the number of counties in Florida, Alabama, and Pennsylvania... perhaps that is why I don't like at least 30,000 of the people in each of those states. I tell you what, it has absolutely nothing to do with their football team... wink, wink.

Lame Florida and Alabama jokes aside, we find ourselves today at a previously unheralded character on the Georgia football Dawgs. Previously unheralded because he now serves as one of the top backups on an offensive line that is starting to more closely resemble a recent lineup of Lynard Skynard than what the Dawgs had going in the early preseason.  Backup LT Hugh Williams is our player du jour.

Williams is a 6'5 260-pound sophomore who calls the relative slums of Marist high school his old stomping grounds. Yeah, I know, sometimes you just have to admit the fact that you went to one of those "lower tier" high schools. It's pretty embarrassing when you get to college, but the sting wears off after the 1000th person scoffs at you.

Anyway, considering Hugh is No. 67, I thought I'd highlight the reason that we all know and love the number (and I'm sure why he chose it)... PRANK DIALING!!!

Some of the best...

And finally, you can't have a prank phone call list without the legend - Roy D. Mercer...

I'm sure Hugh loves prank calls as much as the next guy, but let's face it, they just aren't the same as they used to be. Once everyone had the opportunity to add caller id to their phone, it pretty much eliminated them. Everyone else moved on and the prank callers and salesmen got left in the cold. Well that's pretty much where we find Georgia football - new, shinier objects come along and we get left in the lurch for awhile because we didn't change, not to mention the fact that our o-line recruiting runs somewhat like a well-rusted machine.

Hopefully, we can find away around it. The solicitors sure have.

Hugh might be a little part of that. My gut says he probably won't see much time, but who knows? That doesn't mean he won't be a valuable part of the team. Heck, at least he wants a shot at it and he's an actual living and breathing person. Even if he doesn't block up to standards (which I'm not saying he doesn't or couldn't, as this is hypothetical), he can stand in the way of an opposing defender, which I would suck provincially at.

I hope he gets after it. We need EVERYONE to take up the slack. Lest we forget, Williams did receive an Outstanding Scout Team Member award at last year's GALA.


Next up: No. 66, Hunter Long AND Kolton Houston... TAG TEAM!

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