Thursday, June 30, 2011

65 Days: CLINT BOLING?$!?$?

Candid shot while doing the "Cupid Shuffle",
the only dance beside the "Electric Slide" that
white people can pull off.

65 days to kickoff would generally mean that we profile the UGA player that currently wears the corresponding digits. Seeing as we've been in the non-sexy, non-skill position numbers since pretty much the inception of the countdown, there seem to be a lot of open jersey numbers.

You guessed it, there isn't a guy on the roster that currently sports 65. So what to do?

After doing some perusing the net, and subsequently trolling through random wikipedia articles, I found the current rosters of all NFL teams. My original aim was to find some of the NFL greats that wore the number, but it became painfully obvious that there aren't a ton of well-known greats that wore 65. In fact, probably the best guy that ever ran out in it was - drum roll please - Elvin Bethea, who played for the Oilers for his entire career (1968-1983).

It's fairly obvious to me, considering the above, why new Bengal Clint Boling chose this number - he has decided that:

"It's time to make myself known and put 65 on the map. Gary Zimmerman? Bart Oates? Isn't he that guy from that 80's band?
... You know, their song is on like every movie that comes out now? 'Oooo ooo oooooo ooo ooo ooo... Well, well you - you're making my dreams come true.' That one, you know?
Yeah, there's not a lot of awesome #65's that have been in THE LEAGUE. That is until I rolled into Cinci."

The NFL is currently going through a labor dispute, as you (and ESPN) well know, so there isn't really much news coming from UGA Bulldog's grad school team in Cincinnati. Seriously, I can think of almost half a dozen guys off the top of my head that play for the Striped Jungle Cats of Ohio. There are precisely 5 of them if you care to know - Geathers, Boling, Roland, Green, and Atkins.

I do know one thing for sure, Boling WILL NOT be protecting either one of Carson Palmer's flanks this season. That's all I got though.


Next up: No. 64, Dallas "Not El Paso" Lee

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