Friday, June 24, 2011

The 2011-12 UGA Clippers

Last night, the Los Angeles Clippers selected BOTH of UGA's draft prospects (Trey and Travis) in the second round of the NBA draft. The good news: both of our guys got drafted. The bad news: it's not a guarantee that (a) there will be ANY NBA season, and (b) either of these guys will actually make the team. After all, it's not uncommon for second round picks to get thrown into the D-League and never get heard from again. 
Obviously, the Clippers already have a capable power forward (Blake Griffin) so Trey is at best a backup player. As for Travis, Jay Bilas pointed out on ESPN that he was a great athlete and -- at the very least -- can guard on the perimeter and is an excellent rebounder for a wind player. Personally, as strange as it sounds, Travis probably has a higher ceiling than Trey. Trey's main problem is athleticism and -- as we saw last year -- could be a bit injury prone. Travis certainly has limitations on offense, but I think a guy with his defensive ability and athleticism can make an NBA team (not necessarily a starter). 

Really, these guys are complete opposites: Trey does "basketball things" very well: nice touch inside/outside shot ability/great hands; and Travis does "athlete" things very well: leaping ability/speed/quickness/good length for his size.

As for the Clippers current roster, besides Griffin, they have three other power forwards listed on the roster (Brian Cook, Craig Smith, and Ike Diogo) so Trey has some competition. However, the only shooting guard listed on the roster is starter Eric Gordon, so Travis certainly has the opportunity to make the team. Another good thing? They were the only two draft picks by the Clippers, so that will limit the competition a bit. 

Then again...they could have come back for another year and been drafted in the first round...but I'm just sayin'.

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  1. I'll be most interested to see a Travis Leslie/Blake Griffin dunk contest.