Thursday, June 23, 2011

2003 Clemson Highlights: MUST WATCH

The amount of sheer athleticism and speed in this game is stupid. I don't know of one shot on the whole video that doesn't include AT LEAST one future NFL player. I can't quantify how much talent was on that roster at every position, EXCEPT tailback, which was probably our undoing. No offense to Tony Milton, Michael Cooper, or Ronnie Powell (who was our leading rusher with 17 for 54), but there wasn't a feature back on the team. Coop had the potential, he just never really found it.

Just as one more dig at Willie Martinez (and ultimately Richt), take note of the defensive alignments and Van Gorder's tendency to move his playmakers around the line of scrimmage and get them involved in the defense. You may not be a fan (and I may not be either), but you can't deny that it's like comparing a sun bear and a grizzly bear. They're both bears, but put both of 'em in a cage with a slab of beef and see who prevails.

Oh and if you'd like to take a look at a real assemblage of talent, just check out the box score and participation report for the LSU game in Death Valley. It's pure insanity. It's too bad we had to play them... oh yeah, and Florida (dammit).

(Big shout out to pr1sonmike, as his Youtube channel is magnificent)

And just so you know, it's only ___ days until we see something like this. (Check my other article today for the answer.)

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  1. Wow, I did not realize that the two David's played pee wee football together. You would have thought, given how popular those two were, that we would have heard about that more often on UGA broadcasts.