Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Daily Dawgie Tweet: Hunter Long Picked the Wrong Sport for Kardashians

Young Hunter, I'm sorry to bring you such news. I know it must be heartbreaking knowing that yet another Kardashian is falling into the death clutches of some random NBA player. Why she didn't go for Manu Ginobli, Chris Anderson, Justin Guarin... I mean... Anderson Varejao (I lifted that straight from Dawgola's vernacular BTW), or Pau Gasol I'll never know, but good luck to them. If I were Mr. Humphries, I'd be looking for some industrial strength calcium rebarbative to quell the attacks from all of the skeletons in her closet.

I promise, Hunter, there will be far more young ladies made famous by their father, a sex tape, and a relationship with other young women who are famous because of society's desire to see a train wreck in slow motion. Yeah, that sentence confused me too...

Butters is also a fan Hunter... (skip to :35 - WARNING: Language)

Anyway, do not fret big fella, you're young and TMZ is certain to make at least a dozen of these Disney Channel girls into the next Kim K. Heck they've already done it to Miley Cyrus.... 

Uh wait a minute... did I just write a post that referred to Cyrus and Kardashian on a Georgia sports blog? Did I just enter the Perez Hilton School of Bloggery? EFFFFFFFFFF....

Apologies. You can sign up for the public lynching in the comments below. Seriously, I'm ashamed of myself.

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