Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Daily Dawgie Tweet: Dustin Ware Literally Shootin' the Lights Out

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Twitter is an enigma to me. Much the opposite of the play on words in the title of this post series to you, the reader. People just seem to love it more day by day, which is why I've decided to rumble through the Twitterverse and bring to you some notable ruminations bouncing around in the cranial cavities of folks across the Dawg Nation. These have been semi-permanently plastered across the annals of cyberspace for your creepy, old-man stalking pleasure.

Today's "DDT" comes from none other than the glue that holds our hoops team together, Dustin Ware. If you weren't aware of his leadership ability on the floor this year, you obviously weren't paying much attention. While he's not going to fill up a box score every night (which is why most don't notice him) or thunder dunk on everyone in sight, he's worked extremely hard to fill the role that the team needed.

The following is a good reason why (at about 10:00 last night)...


I'd take 13 Dustin Wares over 472 Demarcus Cousins any day. 

He GETS it.

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