Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will Aaron Murray Be a Top-10 Quarterback Next Year?

I started looking at some random college football blogs last night, in an attempt to find some fodder for today. On one of the websites, they listed Denard Robinson as one of the "top returning quarterbacks" for 2011. Then I started thinking...Robinson will be in an entirely different offense next season. Dick Rod's offense was perfect for him, and yet he struggled at times toward the end of last season. Then I started thinking about some of the other returning quarterbacks and concluded that Murray IS in the discussion as a top-10 QB. Here are some of the top guys and why Murray could be a factor on a national scale (in no particular order)...

  1. Matt Barkley (USC) -- Great talent but his team is banned from the postseason again next year.
  2. Andrew Luck (Stanford) -- Will be great again in the same offense but is under a different head coach (former Stanford OC, David Shaw)
  3. Kellen Moore (Boise St) -- Will be great (hopefully not until week 2) but lost his top two receivers and still plays in a Non-BCS conference.
  4. Brandon Weedon (Okey State) -- Lost his offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen to West Virginia, and let's face it...he LITERALLY turns 28 this year.
  5. Robert Griffin (Baylor) -- I love this guy's game but he has limited skill players around him and plays for Baylor.
  6. Darron Thomas (Oregon) -- I think he got a little exposed in the NC game last year. He's really limited at times throwing and will be labeled as a "system" guy.
  7. Landry Jones (Oklahoma) -- Not flashy but a very solid quarterback. Could be a good Heisman candidate if OU makes it to the national title game.
  8. Denard Robinson (Michigan) -- As I mentioned above, he will be in an entirely new offense so this could be a transition year.
  9. Geno Smith (W.V.) -- Will be in a new offense but it should actually help him produce some monster numbers. Unless his teams wins big though he could also be viewed as a "system" guy.
  10. Nick Foles (Arizona) -- Should be a good NFL prospect at 6-5 and COULD make some noise in the PAC-10 this season.
  11. Dan Persa (Northwestern) -- I mean...unless you want to put some more Big East or Non-BCS guys in here, he is in the discussion, amazingly.
Most experts agree that Murray is the best returning quarterback in the SEC. And when you are the BEST quarterback in undoubtedly the BEST conference, he will have to be in the discussion as a Top-10 guy. He could certainly be better than some of the names listed above. Will he be top-5? That could be some wishful thinking and most importantly, would SERIOUSLY jinx the team just for thinking it.

(BTW, I know I probably left someone important off the list go easy)


  1. Aaron Murray was a top 10 QB last year remember. He was #9 in the nation at passer rating and he was a freshman. Just saying. I know we don't have the great AJ Green, but we do have a top 10 QB in year 2 under mark richt. Sophmore slump? No Way, this kid is a winner and he has swagger. Do the math and when its all said and done, we might have the #1 QB in the nation at the end of the year, hell he was number 2 or 3 coming out of highschool. He will be better than most on your board. He won't throw for 5000yrds but he doesn't have to.

  2. correction, he was a top 10 before the bowl game debacle...

  3. I know Murray was great but it is really tough to put a QB on a 6-7 team in the top ten. Plus, we had some HORRENDOUS offensive games last year; 6 points against SC, 12 against MSU, and the biggest head-scratcher was the UCF game, which was actually Murray's worst performance of the year imo.

    If we have a better record and Murray is able to put up similar -- if not better numbers -- without AJ Green, then he is surely a top ten guy.

  4. I have to agree Dawgola Tesla.

    Drew G says he is a winner, and well as Dawgola Tesla points out on that, he is 6-7 as the Starting QB for an offense that returned all 11 Starters last season, except for him. He had 8 carries a game, for LESS THAN 2 yards per carry.

    Led the team with 9 fumbles last year.

    He is not the only played on the team, but stealing 8 carries a game from the running backs averaging over 5 yards a carry on the entire season, fed fuel to the fire of not having a running game. In fact, I submit, this is the reason we didn't have a running game.

    Also contributed 9 really key interceptions, costing us several games.

    Beat no team with a winning record.

    Every team he beat had a Losing Record.

    Was clearly out-played head-to-head in all 7 Losses by the QB on the opposing team.

    In crucial situations, he looked like he didn’t know what he was doing.

    Wearing gloves in 72 degree day game against Central Florida. That was the last game for us. If they did not beat Aaron Murray, there is no way Central Florida finishes the season even a Top 25 team.

    He cost us the game against a poor Florida team, who did not end the season in the Top 25.

    Colorado's QB was far superior to Aaron Murray and that is the reason why Aaron Murray lost to Colorado.

  5. 6 points against South Carolina. You want to know why he Lost to South Carolina.

    I have no concept what happened in the Auburn game. He was throwing the football at will against a team with a running defense and no secondary. Mike Bobo changed the play calls to balance his offense and ran the ball. But, Aaron Murray is the man at the line of scrimmage who checks out of the plays at the line to what works. He either checked out of pass plays called to runs, or he did not check out of running plays called when we were passing the football with huge success. We, then, were swamped by Auburn by 18 points. Huge margin.

    Missy State's QB also dual-threat like Colorado, and he too was the single reason why they beat Aaron Murray.

    19 TD passes of his 24 against 7 teams with a LOSING RECORD.

    5 TD passes of his 24 in the remaining 6 games. Lost 5 of those 6.

    Dismal is how this Offense played this season. We beat no one. He Lost 3 games without AJ Green and 4 games with AJ Green.

    He Lost to ALL 5 teams he played against who finished the season in the Top 25. Auburn Won 7 of these type games last season, for reference point by direct comparison.

    He played 8 teams who finished the season not in the Top 25. He Lost to 2 of those.

    He was :

    # 62 in the nation at being sacked.

    # 72 at getting 1st Downs even.

    # 55 at 3rd Down Conversions.

    # 56 at Total Offense for Georgia this season.