Thursday, May 26, 2011

WHAT!?!?!? UGA Loses Another Basketball Recruit?

Oh yes. NC State transfer, Ryan Harrow, has decided to take his happy a$$ to Lexington to play for Coach Cal and the Wildcats. The fact that his final four schools were Texas, Kentucky, Louisville, and UGA was probably a good indication that he was not going to be a Dawg. Harrow now gets added to a loooong list of Georgia-bred players that have shunned UGA (technically he shunned us twice). Harrow cited all of the usual reasoning for picking Kentucky: "they give him to best opportunity", blah, blah.

Now, for the short term, our attention falls on Kevin Ware. Ware has made it somewhat clear that since his UCF fiasco, UGA and Louisville are his top two schools. But when you couple the fact that Harrow chose Kentucky over Louisville and UGA (two schools that were recruiting both players) AND the fact that Ware is visiting Louisville this weekend...I fear it could be more bad news for the Dawgs. The good news -- our continued failures in basketball recruiting (sans KCP) should prove that Fox is at least obeying the rules.

***Completely off-topic baseball update*** -- the Diamond Dawgs lost a squeaker last night to Vandy 10-0 and will face Auburn in an elimination game today following the first game, Arkansas vs. Miss. State, which is at 9:30 am local time in Hoover, AL. Keep in mind, we now have to rattle off three straight wins to have a chance at the postseason.


  1. Louisville just picked up a transfer in combo guard Luke Hancock recently.If they would take that kid before Kevin Ware then they surely do not have as much interest in Ware as they might have once had.Maybe they do not want him at all after the whole UCF thing.Do you agree?

  2. Anon,

    Yes, it would appear that way on the surface. However, all indications are that there is still mutual interest in Ware's Louisville recruitment. Also, I still wouldn't count out him re-committing to UCF.