Tuesday, May 10, 2011

W.E. Ran This State... For A Minute: RB Leaves Athens

Buy kids books, send em' to school, and
what do they do?

Washaun Ealey has decided to pursue his college career elsewhere, per a university release last night.

Before you freak out about who's going to tote the rock come September and bemoan our depth at RB, consider the following facts (of 2009 season):

  1. A current LB was our leading rusher through the first four games.
  2. There were two scholarship backs available to play in the first two games... and said LB was one of them.
  3. Caleb King only played in 9 regular season games- and in three more found himself with 8 or less carries and not more than 20 yards.
  4. Carlton Thomas had less than 95 yards... ON THE SEASON.
  5. Branden Smith carried the ball for a little more than 1/3 as many yards as our second-leading rusher.
These were the thoughts of a refreshingly lucid and positive member of the H2H inner-circle (bloody handshakes, disgusting arm-branding, and Craig T. Nelson pistol dueling are involved in joining, if you care to know). Basically his perspective, which has been intertwined into mine, is that we're not really thin at running back at all. We have four scholarship backs on roster for next season.


 That's twice as many healthy scholarship backs as the Dawgs had in 2007, when a freshman led the team in rushing with 1334 yards. I realize that comparing Knowshon and Crowell's situation in any sense is extremely premature and ill-advised, but all I'm really saying is that we're not short on guys who can JUST CARRY THE DAGGUM BAWL (and not fumble it inside the 10 every damn time).

As for the matter at hand...

I wish Washaun all the best of luck. It's fairly obvious that Ealey has some issues that he needs to work out and with a kid that has this much life ahead of him, you hope he's not one of those E:60 or 30 for 30 stories that pops up in 15 years. 

It seems the general consensus on Ealey is that he'll head over to Statesboro from Stillmore and call the next few years home there. I'm not so sure that will happen with Jeff Monken in charge. I've seen stranger things, but Paul Johnson coaching tree'ers don't have a history of putting up with a bad attitude.

Comments from your head coach like this aren't usually the most glowing reflection of your character:

"Washaun and I have had several conversations in recent weeks," Georgia coach Mark Richt said in a statement. "We both have come to the conclusion that a transfer to another institution would be in his best interest."

This whole situation smacks of a "either you're on the train or you're getting run over by it" type of situation. After two chances at redeeming yourself, comments like that from your head coach don't sound good. Hopefully he lands on his feet somewhere and learns something from this experience. It's not every day that you get the kind of opportunity that these kids do- after some reflection maybe he'll realize that.

Best wishes. It's tough out there kiddo.


  1. It's the Georgia Way or the hi.......Oh! You've already picked the highway. Does this mean that you will continue to drive on a SUSPENDED LICENSE?

  2. The details are far more concerning than the actually suspended license part, from what I hear.

    Racking up checks on your report card like this are never good for making impressions on future employers- professional or public.