Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ware to Louisville: 2012 Hoops Class Forecast

Though this really doesn't come as a huge surprise, Kevin Ware pledged to be commitment number five for Rick Pitino's 2011 class. He left for a trip up to Louisville on Sunday, only to make the commitment yesterday afternoon. If you'd like to go and count the guys at the guard position on that team, I hope you have both hands ready- but that's what Ware felt was the best spot for him.

I've heard that Fox didn't really put the full-court press on Ware after his decommitment from UCF, so it's kind of understandable... I guess. This saga would sure make an interesting piece on Outside the Lines and I'd sure as heck like to know all of the inner-workings of the epic that was.

So now that that's likely done and over with, what does that mean for the Dawgs future?

This means two things to me:

  1. We really, really don't cheat in basketball recruiting- despite what Kenneth Caldwell says. Speaking of him, I wonder what he thinks about Pitino now?
  2. For some odd reason, we still look like a mid-major, at best, to most recruits. This has to get better, otherwise we're doomed no matter who's coaching.
But enough with the sob story, as I'm starting to depress myself. Let's talk about the future because, well, harping on potential 5-star commitments is much more hopeful than pounding on who we didn't get to commit. Plus, I'm not a whiner when it comes to the decision of a 17-year old... much.

Considering the numbers for 2012, it looks like we'll have room for a robust four member group. That cohort should include, by my estimation:
  • One PG
  • One PG/SG or "combo-guard" as they say now
  • One SF
  • One PF
The top candidates for these positions are listed below with a few notes:

DeOndre Haynes: The leading candidate here. He's often stated the Dawgs as a favorite. As of now, looks really good for the Dawgs.
Charles Mann: Has some really good things to day about the Dawgs, but UCONN was his first offer and now has offers from FSU, VA Tech, and others. Tough hill to climb.
Montay Brandon: Will visit UGA in June. 6'6 PG's are hard to come by. I don't see him leaving the state of North Carolina.

Jordan Adams: Not the greatest athlete, but can score big-time. Is at Oak Hill now, but is a GA kid. Dawgs were once the favorite, but I'm not sure where they fall as of now.
Kenny Gaines: He's a Whitefield Academy kid. I don't know a lot about him, but he has good range and is a kid that has the ability to finish in traffic as well.
Jordan Price: He's can score in bunches, but is a big kid and will have to improve his quicks to play SG in the SEC. I've seen him in person and wasn't hugely impressed, but I've heard he's really elevated his game lately and would fit right in in Athens. Very similar player to Jordan Adams in stature, though Adams is much more the skilled shooter.

JaCorey Williams: Teammate of DeOndre Haynes who is really making a name of himself of late. Kind of an under-the-radar type as of now, but is starting to garner a lot of high-major attention. No UGA offer yet, but he has interest.
Marcus Hunt: Visited UGA recently and had some good things to say about the Dawgs. Don't see him ending up in Athens, but Amarlo Herrera is a school-mate and is in his ear apparently.
Brandon Morris: This is going to be a Georgia/Florida battle, though I'd probably give the edge to the Gators as of now. Very skilled scorer and a tremendous athlete.

Shaq Goodwin: Good range out to three with a lot of athleticism in the post.
Robert Carter: Very similar game to Trey Thompkins. I haven't heard a lot about this guy, but he's the state's second-ranked big man. Another battle with Florida. I don't see us winning this one based solely on the fact I know very little about him.
Tony Parker: He's more of a center, but I'd take him regardless. Big body with a lot of moves and athleticism. Offers from everyone. Don't like our chances.

Out of the above, my ideal (and most likely) class would be DeOndre Haynes, Jordan Adams, Brandon Morris/JaCorey Williams, and Shaq Goodwin. My main concern here is at PF, where just by dumb luck we should end up with one of the three top-40 national in-state guys. 

If Fox doesn't come away with at least one of those three, I'll be extremely concerned about his recruiting chops. At a position of need like that you have to come away with results. 

Any thoughts?


  1. Why dont you think Marcus Hunt will end up in Athens?Also,out of the 3 small forwards that you mentioned who would you most like to get?

  2. Base on what I've heard/read/seen on Hunt, I don't get the impression that the Dawgs are extremely high on his list. With that in mind and our lack of history with premier guys at that position, I don't have good feelings.

    I could be wrong, though. He seems like a great kid and I'd be tickled to see him in R & B.

    I'd probably go with Brandon Morris out of those three. He certainly looks like the guy with the highest ceiling and is the most athletic. Lock down defender, great on the glass, and a tremendous finisher on the offensive end equate to a guy that's perfect for Fox's system.

    My thoughts:

    1. Morris
    2. Hunt
    3. Williams (distant based on what film I've seen)

  3. Fox needs to quit messing around and go ahead and take Jordan Price and Jarmal Reid. If he doesn't they are going to be beating us at AU and Tech while we struggle to fill out a roster.