Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Video From AJ's Press Conference

I am continually impressed by this kid. Despite the jersey episode, which makes zero sense given his demeanor and perceived character from everything I've ever heard, I wish we could have 25 guys with AJ's approach every year sign on to play at Georgia. Guys like this come around once every decade- it's just too bad we couldn't actually win any meaningful games while he was at UGA.

Come to think of it, we lost an awful lot of guys that NFL GM's thought well enough of to draft not to win a lot of games. I know every one of you may have an opinion why, but it's hard for me to come to any good conclusion. A little off-topic, but damn. I still get a little chapped about it. Hopefully the guys who actually play the games are too.

Sorry to hijack your post AJ. Congrats.

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