Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UCF Needs Caller ID...It's the NCAA on Line 1!

In the wake of Kevin Ware's ongoing soap-opera and the related information put forth by the New York Times regarding Kenneth Caldwell, the NCAA has contacted Central Florida regarding possible "improper recruiting activities". Shocking, I know. UCF has said they are currently conducting an internal review into the matter, but let's be honest -- this is like Pakistan saying they had no idea of Osama bin Laden's presence in their country -- a meaningless formality. (OT Tangent: Does anyone else laugh when the media says OBL was staying right beside "Pakistan's version of West Point"? This is like saying Nickelback is Canada's version of Led Zeppelin.)

Anyway, the "probe" by the NCAA (probe is NEVER a good thing btw, no matter what subject one is discussing) includes Kenneth Caldwell's role in the recruitment of Kevin Ware, Michael Chandler (fellow hoops recruit), and football recruit, DaMarcus Smith. UCF says they are still in the "gathering of information" phase of their internal review and judging by the NCAA's usual punctuality, they should have a decision in about 2019.

Speaking of Kevin Ware...

He posted the following on his twitter account regarding his "list" of potential suitors for 2011:

Obviously UGA is still after him and has a fighter's chance, so we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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