Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tressel Resigns - Undoubtedly heads for Sun Belt Land

As you have all probably heard by now, "The Senator" Jim Tressel, ambassador to all things sweater-vest, has officially "resigned" as head coach at Ohio State. Although Sports Illustrated might take most of the credit because of their looming Tressel piece coming out on June 6, the damage had already been done in my opinion. There were reports coming from everywhere about cars, rings, and of course, the concealment of other improper benefits his players received from tattoo parlors and drug traffickers.

The "power" that the head coach of Ohio State maintains (a top-5 program whether you like it or not) is almost completely offset by the pressure to win. Tressel knew this and thought the storm would just pass. Had he been coaching at Kent State, he may have been correct. Unfortunately for him, Sports Illustrated and ESPN aren't doing cover stories on the off-the-field issues of Bowling Green and Louisiana-Monroe (if they have any issues, that is). So the end result is: Ohio State now has an interim coach (DC Luke Fickell) and my guess is he will always be "interim".

So...Ohio State is now faced with an interesting dilemma: Do they play this season out with the interim coach? (keep in mind they have impact players already suspended for half a season) Or, do they go ahead and make a home run hire with a guy like Urban Meyer? (assuming he's interested) You also have to keep in mind that the NCAA has yet to determine if and what Ohio State's punishment will be for Tressel's mishaps. A new coach might be luke-warm on a job that comes with NCAA baggage -- just ask USC.

Another question is what will happen with Tressel? We've seen these major program head coaches forced out and basically remain quiet:
  • Frank Solich -- former Nebraska head man that has been stuck in Athens...Athens, Ohio that is. Sure, there might be a DUI arrest in his past but for a guy who consistently won 10 games at a major program, you would think he could get a better gig by now.
  • Paul Hackett -- USC coach before Pete Carroll. He's been relegated to NFL assistant coach jobs since he was fired as the Trojans' coach.
  • Mike Leach -- It's only been a little over a year but guess what...he's still out of a job.
  • Terry Bowden -- Been stuck on ABC for the past decade.
  • Gerry DiNardo -- Former LSU coach that went to Indiana, and then I think he died or something (okay not really...he's working for the Big 10 Network).
  • Mike DuBose/Mike Shula -- I'm grouping these former Bama coaches together because their respective careers took a similar turn after they were fired...a hard turn south.
There are several others I'm sure to have forgotten (Jim Donnan anyone?) but my point is, Tressel isn't exactly the type of guy you want to be stuck in a duck blind with -- boring, deceitful, and pretty damn weird if you think about it. So I'm not sure what media outlet will automatically give him an analyst job like so many others have gotten. Thus, my prediction in a couple of years is this:

"It's Tuesday night in Murfreesboro! And here comes Jim Tressel and Middle Tennessee State as they lock heads with Arkansas State! Only on ESPN2!"


  1. Terry Bowden is coaching with his brother in Alabama......

  2. AHD,

    Just looked that up...don't know how I missed that. He is the head coach at Division II North Alabama. At least he's coaching again I guess.

  3. And he has a secondary of Rod Woodson (Bama), Lucas Darr (S Florida) Bryan Thomas (Florida), Nick Williams (UGA) and soon, Janoris Jenkins (Florida).

  4. 77 percent of the nation, in an ESPN Poll yesterday, believes that Jim Tressel will come out of this, in strong shape - viewed either favorably or equal mix of positive and neagative.

    Only 23 of the nation believes that Jim Tressel will come out of this being viewed mostly negatively.