Monday, May 23, 2011

Someone is Calling Mark Fox a Cheater

And, although that 'someone' has zero credibility, it still disturbs me for some reason. Kenneth Caldwell, the guy who tried to woo Kevin Ware to UCF, has posted the following on his twitter account recently:

Perhaps he is just bitter about how the whole "Kevin Ware to UCF" thing ended up. He offered up no other information and blatantly listed the top two schools Ware is considering. And as I said earlier, he has ZERO credibility. But still...from a UGA fan who had to suffer through the Dennis Felton years because of the Harrick mishaps, I can't help but to feel a little uneasy about this accusation. Remember, Tony Cole didn't blow the whistle until he was shunned by UGA and Harrick (if memory serves me correctly). What if this guy had some dealings with Fox that rubbed him the wrong way and wants some more attention. It could happen...

I'm not trying to start false rumors (obviously) but I do NOT like to hear our head basketball coach accused of cheating two years in, even if it is by a complete scumbag that takes advantage of 17 year olds. Personally, I think there will be nothing more (fingers crossed).


  1. He mentioned the two coaches that were competing against UCF for Ware so it's not surprising at all. He wants to try to hurt anyone he thinks might have had something to do with taking his little enterprise down.

  2. Not worried a bit. Take it at the source. At worst, Fox just cost that dude a commission and some serious street cred. Good for Fox in that case.

  3. Generally like your stuff and appreciate that you do talk about hardwood in addition to hedges, but I have to say, this is unfortunate. If I close this comment by calling Mark Richt a cheater, will you do a another hand-wringing post about that? Just makes no sense to propagate a tweet from a sleaze bag with an ax to grind. Your blog, so you can do what you want, but not a good decision here.

  4. Stick Jackson,

    Thanks for reading...we always appreciate your posts.

    If the New York Times wrote an article about how you fraternized with prospective D-1 football recruits and then you accused Mark Richt of cheating, then yes, I'd probably write another article.

    I don't think this guy has any credibility (as I mentioned above), but at the same time, he is in the public eye now, so I thought his accusation was worth mentioning.

  5. Stick put it well. Printing a quote from a charlatan does not warrant "What-if-it's-True" contrition. This is a reach and does no good to our program whatsoever. It does , however, do harm by inserting a negative bias in some fans's mindset. What possibly could be the reason for doing that?

  6. Our poor recruiting tells me Fox is not cheating. If he were cheating he would be bringing in much better players than he has.

  7. I have no idea why you'd give that guy a voice given the level of credibility outlined by the NY Times.

    That said...if Fox is cheating, he sucks at it.