Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shaq Goodwin Update

Take a second to notice what's on the wall
behind Shaq at the start of the video.

Though it appears the amount of front court players we're signing in the 2011 class might indicate a very slim 2012 in-state class of big men, that couldn't be further from the truth. Shaq Goodwin highlights that 2012 class with AAU teammate Tony Parker right behind him in the class rankings. 

This video features both of those hoopsters (you'll notice Parker clowning about toward the end). I won't lie to you and tell you that I just happened upon this video- it's via Dan McDonald at UGASports. It was pretty entertaining and Goodwin really seems like a good kid, so I thought it was worthy of a post. 

I think Georgia stands a very good shot to land Goodwin, as he really wants to also play football (Buck Godfrey claims his future is there) and we've told him he can play both. From everything I've heard, we're probably out front, but Goodwin won't tip his hand either way. He's the type of guy that is sorely needed in Athens; runs the floor extremely well, very athletic, and has a shot good out to 20 feet. Check out the video below for evidence.

Our track record of recruiting and sending on elite talent hasn't been great, as evidenced yesterday by Dawgola, but hopefully Fox can show us some recruiting chops in the next two classes. Otherwise, it's going to be tough treading for the next few years. With as much talent as there is in Georgia for next season, we have to bring in some top-tier guys. Heck, even blind luck should get you a few next year.

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