Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quck Hitters From Last Night's Gainesville "UGA Day"

Really nice crowd on hand at the Gainesville Civic Center last night. I was a little surprised at the turnout, frankly- easily 250+ folks enjoying some semblance of UGA sports in the mortuary that is spring and summer. Because of the late night at the event and the resulting drive home, I thought I'd share the highlights in a few line by line blurbs.

Coach Richt made an appearance, but curiously Mark Fox couldn't make his engagement and sent assistant Kwanza Johnson to answer a few questions. Dawgola has some more on that in his post this AM.

Barring any Youtube issues, we should have the full video of both Johnson and Richt this morning. It's a good watch if you have some time.

First up, a little hoops report from Coach KJ. A few notes:

  • Spoke about Cannon having some range out to 3 and also noted that Nemanja has that touch as well. Speaking of him, Djurisic has been given the nickname "Nema". I'm sure you can imagine why.
  • When talking about Nick Marshall, he basically said, "Well, we'd love to have Nick, but that's still up to Coach Richt and Coach Fox." Richt said you had to have a really special kid to do both and mentioned Charlie Ward. I got the feeling he's not going to be a key contributor on the hardwood, which is a little disappointing. I have a feeling he'll be great at either.
  • Not much on Dixon or Caldwell-Pope as I recall.
  • Biggest note for me was that Marcus Thornton will likely stay at the 3. This is a pretty interesting situation, with KCP. He's not on campus yet, but I feel like he's going to get more minutes than I had previously thought at SG instead of the 3.
  • Made a note that we could see a little more pressure in the full court than last year. His words were, "We had guys with a lot of minutes. It's hard to do.... And Jeremy Price that guy's a load, but..."
  • Gave a resounding no comment when asked about "Dustin Ware". Someone chimed in with "Kevin".

That's really all I can remember off the top of my head. I'm sure there were some others, but you can see them in the video.

As for Richt:
  • Told a story about being on an elevator with Max Jean-Gilles and John Jenkins at the same time this year at G-Day. He said Max Jean was the biggest guy he'd ever seen, but Big John made him look small.
  • Boykin/Robinson and Jones/Charles were the defensive and offensive leaders respectively. He also said Murray was kind of a defacto leader because of position.
  • And I quote, "We can't talk about the academic standing of guys... but I fully expect Caleb (King) to be with the team." I'm still a little uneasy, but I'll take his word for it.
  • Once again mentioned Orson Charles as the teams best receiver. Said TK might be there at the start of fall camp, but wasn't there yet... "Tavarres might have something to say about that though.." His comments on this subject weren't glowing. He mentioned all of the guys that might see playing time, but didn't seem convinced that they had a lot of talent there. Looks to be an area of concern for him as well.
  • Received a call from Coach Fox about "Isaiah Crowell's" twitter account. Fox told him there were some things on there and that he needed to check it out. Richt called Crowell and confirmed that it indeed wasn't him- "Coach I've got a facebook, but I've never had a twitter."
  • Starting OL consists of Glenn (LT), Gates (LG), Jones (C), Burnette (RG),  and Anderson (RT). As I've said for the past few months, Gates will be the next guy on the list at RT if Bean can't handle it.
  • Malcolm Mitchell was recruited to play corner, now "He wants to play wide receiver... and he has the talent..."
  • I think you can rest assured that we'll see more than our fair share of 3 TE sets. Seemed to be keen on the idea of Bruce giving the offense flexibility in the passing game.
  • In a break from tradition, CMR said that pass-pro wouldn't detract from Crowell's playing time.He did make more than a few mentions of fumble issues. And I quote, "You won't play a lot if you can't hang on to the ball." Hmmm... wonder who he was talking about?
I'm sure there were some more points I'm forgetting, but these really stuck out. He also talked about the incident at the Macon club meeting, which was preceded by a 5 minute long prepared question-comment that elicited the response. It's another exchange that is worth seeing once we get the video up.

All-in-all it was a pretty good night with some decent info. Fifteen bucks well-spent.

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