Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Rules Changes Coming to College Hoops?

Changing rules...it's so "hot" right now. The NFL has decided to move their kickoffs up to the 35-yard line and college football seemingly changes something minor every year. College basketball has made some minor changes as well in recent years (three-point line moved back/monitor reviews by officials) and there could be some new additions/amendments in 2011-12.

Here is a list of the proposed rules changes which, if approved by the NCAA Rules Committee on June 9th, will be effective immediately (for the upcoming season):
  • "Charge Arc" in front of the basket -- similar to the one the NBA uses. This is to try and limit the number of hard collisions that takes place down low.
  • Timeouts: Coaches can call timeouts only during dead ball periods. One area of concern for coaches calling timeouts during live-ball situations is loose-ball scrums, making it difficult for officials to discern whether a timeout was called.
  • Monitor reviews: Coaches can request a monitor review by officials at any time during a game. If the replay shows the coach was wrong, that team is charged a timeout. If the team has no more timeouts, the team is assessed a technical foul.
  • Flagrant fouls: Officials would call “flagrant 1″ and “flagrant 2″ fouls. Flagrant 1 would replace an intentional foul. Flagrant 2 would replace the previous flagrant foul. (Flagrant 3 means you get tasered in the crotch by a security guard...or as former WCW Nitro host, Tony Schiavone, might put it, "WOW!, now he's being subdued behind the locker rooms by some of Athens' finest!"...okay, I made up "Flagrant 3")
My response: Pansies. I mean, the monitor review rule sounds okay but I despise the "charge arc" proposal. Personally, I am in favor of prison rules but what do I know? Since we (UGA) don't really have any players who take charges I guess the only difference will be some additional paint on the Stegeman floor.

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