Monday, May 2, 2011

Mark Fox Collects a Surprising Late Addition for 2011 Class

John Cannon, a 6'11 center from Burnsville, North Carolina, will be heading down to Athens next month to join his fellow 2011 hoops class signees. If you haven't heard much about Cannon, take a look at a post from last week regarding Cannon. Here's a little excerpt to get you up to speed.

Cannon finished his high school career with the North Carolina High School Association record for blocks at 606. He averaged 22/12/6.5 this season with Mountain Heritage while being named conference player of the year.

Those are pretty eye-poping stats, but the most intriguing part of Cannon's game is his ability to shoot for a big man. He shot a touch over 42% from three in his senior season, which doesn't mean a lot a this point, but I'd venture to say that he may be our best low-post shooter next season. Djurisic certainly may be another contender for that title. I think Fox was also very interested in this part of Cannon's game. Here's an excerpt of Gentry Estes article on the commitment Saturday (Great read if you have the chance):

Fox was particularly interested in that shooting ability, said Cannon, who shot a 42 percent clip from 3-point range as a senior at Mountain Heritage (N.C.) High School. He helped lead his prep team to the 2A Final Four this past season.

"That was his biggest thing with me," Cannon said of Fox. "He said, 'You really can't teach either one,' height or shooting ability."

Though Cannon won't wow you with athleticism or natural scoring ability, he's a guy who can sit in the middle and work hard, alter shots, and give you a lot of boost on the defensive end and grab a lot of boards. I think he's a lot more polished version of former UGA commit and current Nerd, Daniel Miller. He had very comparable stats in a much tougher league in North Carolina.

As far as where he'll fit in, I think that depends largely on what Coach Fox ends up having in Florveus. If he's at all capable offensively, things will be made a lot more easy on the rest of the front court. If not, which I'm afraid of, Cannon will probably see the floor about 15-20 minutes per game. Though the roster will be extremely young down low, depth is a great thing to have. You can plug and play and take advantage of match-ups and even out the talent gap, which is what I'm sure Fox's strategy will be this season.

From what I've gathered seeing Fox's recruiting tactics thus far, he looks to me like someone that is always willing to take chances on guys IF there are scholarships available. Considering Ware (and now Ryan Harrow are available) and there is room for two more guys, I think we'll see the full-court press for both of these guys. 

I know it's not the most popular of stances, but I liken his approach to a endlessly more personable, caring, and moral basketball version of Nick Saban. If you care to argue, see the list of recent transfers out of our basketball program. If we happen to sign the aforementioned duo, I'm sure you'll see a couple more of those. 

Oh and by the way, if you'd like to see some video from the commitment and some comments from Cannon see THIS LINK. Sorry, but the video wasn't embeddable- daggum low-tech news sites.

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