Wednesday, May 4, 2011

John Jenkins: Already a 2012 First Rounder?

Mock drafts are like Top-whatever lists; people just can't get enough of them, despite the obvious flaws associated with predictions based solely on last year's performances. Toss common sense out the door because... well sometimes you don't even have to have a college football season under your belt. Case in point: Peter Schrager of Fox Sports' "Way x 10^171 Too Early 2012 Mock Draft".

First off, I want to preface this by telling you that I think John Jenkins has very big things in his future. From all indications, he has the right mindset and he seems to be an absolutely great kid. I'm thrilled that he's headed to Athens. Everything I've heard about Jenkins leads me to believe that he, in fact, does have the potential to go in the first round of the NFL Draft one day.

But next year's first round? Having yet to even step foot on a college campus?

That's what Mr. Schrager thinks- precisely 23rd overall to the St. Louis Rams.

Even if you asked Jenkins if he thought that would even be a possibility, I'm sure by the type of humble kid he is he'd probably laugh it off and talk about how hard he'd have to work to get there and what a blessing it would be for his family. But I'm pretty positive he wouldn't say he thought he deserved that type of hype.

Some other curious notes about his mock draft:

  1. Alshon Jeffery and Michael Floyd taken over Justin Blackmon. I'm sorry, but that ain't hapnin'.
  2. Three Tarheels and Sooners taken in the first round- Donte Paige-Moss (OLB), Zach Brown (OLB), Quinton Coples (DT/DE) for Carolina and Landry Jones (QB), Travis Lewis (OLB), and Ryan Broyles (WR). This is hard to do, unless of course you're 2001-2005 Miami.
  3. Do we really need another TE out of Mizzouri to crash and burn? Wonder if he can hurdle people too? Michael Egnew will be the next guy to rack up stats in a pass-happy, pro-TE offense and con an NFL team into drafting him. I've never even heard of the guy. In the NFL you actually have to block, which this guy most likely knows nothing about. This draft has a very weak TE class, however.
  4. Two Cocks in the top-20. Stephon Gilmore (CB) and the aforementioned Jeffery. Gilmore was white-hot with hype coming into last year, but really didn't show much during the season. I can think of about 3 or 4 guys at that position I'd take over him fairly quickly.

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