Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hoops Recruiting Update: Guards-A-Plenty With Harrow and Ware Tidbits

I thought I'd do a little quick update on a couple of the two biggest targets at the forefront of my mind right now... and without a doubt Mark Fox's. As you well know if you read our site with any regularity, the Dawgs are heavily courting two guards that could find themselves in Athens next fall. One will be playing and the other will be on the bench for a year due to transfer rules, should they decide to call Athens home for the next few years (dare I say).

NC State transfer Ryan Harrow, PG, from Marietta will be making a trip this week (possibly today) over to Athens on his way back from Louisville. Michael Carvell over at the AJC has a little writeup from about a week and a half ago that details some of the plans for the prospective student athlete.

If I'm not mistaken, he also has visited Kentucky and will round out his trip with a visit to St. John's later this week. Considering the monster class that the Jonnies landed with Mr. K-SWISS pulling the strings, Harrow joining that log jam seems a bit of a stretch to me, but stranger things have happened. I would also like to note that this class of Johnnies includes what should be 2011's NAME OF THE YEAR winner, GOD'S GIFT ACHIUWA. Seriously, that isn't a joke. Just click the name.

I don't expect Harrow to end up in Athens, but who knows? I sure like 2012 PG, DeOndre Haynes' game and a commitment from Harrow would likely end that relationship (we're reportedly WAY out front for him). There has been some curious twitterings from Harrow, however. You know what they say about birds in the hand though...

This is Mary Ann Jarou, Steve Lavin's Wife.
Pretty girl. Apparently the Ked's are workin'...

And for my final trick... er... um paragraph, we've reached the Kevin Ware portion of today's post- predictably. Per Dan McDonald of UGASports, Ware visited UGA this weekend for a few hours and spent some time with the coaches. He seemed to have some pretty good vibrations from the visit, but it's really a crap shoot at this point. He's scheduled to head back up to Louisville sometime after graduation at the end of this month.

As far as what I think regarding Ware, I'd really love to have him in Athens. I don't think he'll be a star right off the bat, but I think he has a really good chance to get a lot of quality minutes in and possibly win us a few games. That's enough for me to consider him a big deal. If he puts three more games in the win column, you can't put a dollar figure on his scholarship.

I won't consider him committed until he actually steps foot on the campus- not because the situation with Central Florida, but because of his own recruitment saga experience. I'd be more than a little trigger shy had all those things happened to me when I though for almost two years that I'd be somewhere else. That has to be extremely confusing for a young kid. Far too many times people put the "primadonna" label on a kid without considering the back story, which is nigh to Ware's case.

Getting to my point though, I really like our chances here, especially considering the facts that we're closer and offer A LOT more early playing time. The latter Ware has mentioned several times as being a very important factor to him.

And for a little more on DeOndre Haynes, check out this video. Insane hops to go with extremely good handles.


  1. God's Gift Achiuwa? You mean to tell me that isn't a horse that's running in the 5th today at Gulfstream Park?

  2. You really do a great job of keeping us informed about things we can't get elsewhere with UGA athletics of the future - thanks