Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hoops Recruiting Update From "UGA Day" in Gainesville

My partner-in-crime, Van Dawgin, had the privilege of attending last night's "UGA Day" in Gainesville, GA, which was sponsored by the the Alumni Association. We will hopefully have some video up later, but I wanted to put forth some of the main points regarding the basketball team...

First of all, Mark Fox, who was scheduled to speak at the event (along with Richt) was not in attendance. In his stead was assistant coach Kwanza Johnson. Before Johnson's speech, Chuck Dowdle pointed out that Fox was -- and I'm paraphrasing here -- "meeting with an important recruit" and "hopefully we will have some big news in the near future". Undoubtedly, the recruit in question is Ryan Harrow, who is transferring out from N.C. State. Harrow was the ONLY visitor attending UGA yesterday, so it makes sense that Fox was unable to attend the event.

Also, we are getting conflicting reports on whether or not Harrow has cancelled his scheduled visit to St. John's later. Initially, we heard he had cancelled that visit but reports on twitter say otherwise.

My guess is that between Kevin Ware and Harrow, Fox will take the first one to commit. Keep in mind, Harrow would have to sit out a year due to the transfer rules so he could not play until 2012. Conceivably, we could take both but that would only leave us with a couple of spots for a loaded 2012 class. Harrow has a lot...I mean ALLOT of talent (a former five-star recruit) and honestly...I would probably prefer him over Ware. Either one would be nice though.


  1. We need a true point guard desperately. If we don't get Harrow, Vince Williams is our only option after Ware and Robinson completely their eligibility next season. Yikes.

  2. Harrow would be my strong preference. Here's hoping...