Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diamond Dawgs About to Get the Diamond Cutter

The UGA baseball team dropped two of three last weekend to Vandy, which puts their overall record at 28-28. The good news: they do have a solid RPI (26) and would presumably be worthy of a postseason bid if not for...the bad news: according to an NCAA rule, a team MUST have a winning record to receive an at-large invitation to an NCAA Regional (the first round). So, given that the SEC Tournament is double-elimination, it looks like the Dawgs will have to win three games to have a chance.

The Dawgs earned the 5-seed in the SEC Tournament and their first round game will be against 4th seeded Vandy...again. Jeez, can we go a week without having to play these guys?

HERE is a link to the actual bracket (which is WAY too complex to post on here)

All of the first round games will be played tomorrow at various times. UGA's game will be the last one of the day and will be televised by CSS/ESPN3 at ~8:30 pm. Here are all of the first round matchups (via SECSports.com):

Let's hope we catch some serious fire, because as I've said before -- a winning baseball team closes the gap between now and the start of football. And also, I like Georgia sports.

But if we fail and don't win three, as the title of the post suggests, this could happen:

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