Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boise "Hitting List" Countdown: No. 16, P/K, Trevor Harman

Every Tuesday from now until the start of the 2011 college football season, we'll be featuring a Bronco that needs to be busted at least 37 times throughout the course of the four hours of hell that he'll have to endure come September 2nd. We may not win, but these guys will know they ain't playing some over-hyped ACC team with a crappy, overused moniker for their style of play or some creme puff directional school from a directional state.

For those of you who may complain about the violent undertones of this title...


This is #16 on our countdown,
MLB Rick Muscles... wait...
This is actually Trevor Harman, a 6'2 203-pound mound of raw ass kickin' better known as Boise State's replacement for Kyle Brotzman- you know the guy who decided to shank a 15-yard field goal at the biggest moment of his life. Good thing he's the Boise kicker... were it Alabama, unless you could somehow quietly propel yourself to Pluto, you could never get away from the pitch forks and torches chasing you for your entire life.

Anyhoo, this guy has found himself at this position because:

A). There's nothing better than humiliating your opponent with a blocked punt early on. When said blocked punt is directly proceeded by a complete demolishing of the kicker, there isn't a more happy moment in college football that is experienced by me.
B). He's one of those "rugby-style" WAC punters that piss me off as they run 15 yards away from the scrum and hit a cruise missile down the sideline about 8 feet off the ground, thus making A). much more difficult to perform.
C). He's a punter that works out more than the starting defensive end. I liken this to the relief pitcher who is two biscuits away from 300 lbs. Both seem like really funny ends of the spectrum to be on, but they sure as hell seem trendy. I mean shouldn't all kickers be like that Australian guy from "The Replacements"?

Like I said, considering that this guy can "rugby punt" I highly doubt we get anywhere near him. That doesn't dissuade me from stating the fact that if we do hit him, either we get a 15 yard penalty and Boise converts a fourth down on our 42 that puts them in field position to win the game with this goober or we block the punt and recover it in the end zone for a TD and add insult to injury.

Either way I hope he gets whacked a couple good times- eventually that means something good happened.

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