Friday, May 27, 2011

99 Days: Kwame Geathers

It's countdown time folks. With only 99 days left until UGA vs. Boise, we present you with the first player on our list- No. 99, Kwame Geathers.

Today's fun fact about Kwame:

Mr. Geathers actually prefers Handel over Bach when comparing the two musicians. He, like Handel, mastered another trade before finding his true calling in life. Handel honed his musical ear as an attorney before becoming a composer, much the same as Kwame honed his bonecrushing skills before becoming a destroyer of guards and centers around the SEC.

Next up on the countdown: No. 98, Candler Cook


  1. i want more. thats not enough

  2. I agree with anon 9:38, you probably wrote that in less than 5 min...

  3. If you want to do it right, check out

    That was a great countdown!

  4. Have no fear folks.

    The posts will be more expansive starting with our next edition tomorrow.

    Thursday nights are gambling nights, and let's just say I was playing with fire last eve'. I had to give Kwame at least a little love and not start at 98.

    Apologies beloved readers.

  5. This is an interesting format to assist in the countdown; however, as informative as it is that "99" is an aficionado of the classics (albeit perhaps apocryphal) in this Sahara/Gobi/Mojave of football news it would invigorate the post to include some iota of a factoid as to whether he will wreak havoc vel non on opposing offenses. Not a criticism but you can sense the starvation of your commenters-and, no, we do not need news of arrests to fill the void in the news cycle. You do a good and thought-provoking job; keep the torch aflame