Saturday, May 28, 2011

98 Days: Candler Cook

Photo courtesy of the Athens Banner-Herald
(David Tulis/Staff/

As of today, there are only 98 short days left until the field runs red with the figurative blood of blue Broncos. Candler Cook, 6'3, 253 pound junior from The Westminster school bears the distinction of finding his name in our countdown today. His No. 98 is extremely important for a lot of reasons including, but not limited to:
  • The atomic number for californium
  • The human body operates in the territory of 98 degrees, which just so happens to be one of Candler's least favorite bands ever- 98 Degrees
  • Preceded by a 10 -... 98 confirms that the assignment is completed in police code
  • It's the highest number that a hockey player can sport, as Wayne Gretzky's No. 99 has been retired by the NHL. Yeah, I don't care either.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, this is an infamously famous reference because this is likely the most sh!tty video game ever made. Let's face it, flight simulators aren't interesting, especially when you can't shoot anything else.
  • The 98 was Oldsmobile's top-of-the-line sedan from 1941 until 1996. I mean who couldn't love something that looked and also drove like a beached whale? Seriously, take a look...

Candler is a walk-on at nose tackle and was named to the Athletic Director's Honor Roll for the spring semester. He, like Ben Harbin pictured above, did pretty well on the SAT, with Candler scoring a perfect 800 on the math portion. Pretty heady stuff for the Managment major.

Candler should hold down the scout team for the Dawgs this year. He's one of those guys who doesn't get much credit for getting pushed around in practice, but you couldn't do without. He'll do his best to keep Ben Jones and crew on their toes during fall camp.

G.A.T.A Candler.

Next Up: No. 97 Adam Erickson


  1. The countdown should read 97 days, as of today.

    When you says "Days until", today should not count.

    If I had something to do tonight, I wouldn't say "1 day until I go out to dinner tonight".

    (I have been counting down since 200 days, so let's try and link up together!)

    97 days!!!!!

  2. Is that Mudcat's car?