Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your New 2012 Ohio State Football Coach Is...

I can just picture it now: "Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2012 Ohio State Buckeye new head coach is...Urban Meyer" (NOT pictured above btw). But there is a reason Jim Tressel is about to be sent to Jon Gruden's FFCA (if you've watched ANY inkling of ESPN lately you know what I'm talking about). The NCAA announced yesterday that they had sent a "notice of allegations" to Ohio State officials and the violations pertaining to the coach are considered "potential major violations".

What is most interesting is that the NCAA did NOT cite Ohio State (the university itself) in its most serious violations, but Tressel himself was given responsibility to the "major" ones. Given that Ohio State has already issued their own disciplinary actions toward Tressel (including a five-game suspension) the question now is if/what will the NCAA will to as well. Basically, they (the NCAA) could simply accept Ohio State's self-imposed sanctions OR take matters into their own hands. Another question is, will Ohio State wait for the NCAA to act, or will they tell Tressel to hit the road (to avoid further potential penalties from the NCAA).

Either way, there could end up being some serious vacating going on (and possible vacationing for Tressel...okay, bad play-on-words but still.)


  1. 2012? How about 2011? Irvin Meyers is free to corch right now.

  2. Anon,

    It's possible (if tOSU acts quickly enough) but I don't think Meyer would do that. The backlash from UF fans/the media would be too great. I think they would go interim (since the 2011 season is already a mess with the player suspensions) and make a run at him in '12.

  3. Gee! You mean with the mess that Meyer left at FU for Muschamp and Co that he really wants to return? Don't think so. It's a good possibility in my book that he would go to OSU next week..