Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Boise State Are Chokers (Literally)

We've already had one current player get face-gauged against Florida two years ago. What we don't need is a player to get choked (possibly the same player, Ealey...well, maybe he needs to be sometimes). John Nisby, who is a backup defensive tackle for Boise State, was dismissed from the team following misdemeanor battery against a man in a Boise bar. The "battery" was him choking a man for a short time before the dispute was broken up.

This makes the second opponent's hometown on UGA's 2011 schedule (Knoxville being the other one) where some crazy insane shooting, stabbing, cannibalizing, beating, and/or choking has occurred (okay, only the choking was related to the Boise guy, but still). I'm just waiting on some Coastal Carolina guy to shock a bouncer with an electric cattle prod, or a New Mexico State kicker to cut a guy's eyeballs out with a cocktail strainer.

We need to be careful this year. We're dealing with some crazy people. Let's hope someone doesn't go into Bourbon Street in Athens and shiv Jay Rome or Malcolm Mitchell (because as a UGA freshmen football players, you know they will be in there at some point).

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