Friday, April 15, 2011

Ware Watch 2011: 4/15 Update Plus Some Notes on Other Targets

Since I haven't put out any info on Ware this week, I thought that the present would be as good a time as any. There's also some other notable nuggets on UGA targets that I've dug up this week. One of those little nuggets will be sure to ruffle your feathers, as it sure did mine. I'll start first with the chatter on a couple of 2012 guys.

If you didn't already know, Ben Howland at UCLA is reportedly on the verge of hiring Korey McCray. If you don't know Korey, I'm not surprised. You'll probably start hearing about him though, as he's been with the Atlanta Celtics of AAU fame for the last 10 years or so. Some of his notable past players include Trey Thompkins, John Wall, Derrick Favors, Josh Smith, and Dwight Howard.

Wanna take a run at who some of his current players are? Two guys who interestingly just placed UCLA on their top-3 list (without ever visiting, no less), 4-star SG Jordan Adams and 5-star PF Shaq Goodwin. We were previously thought to be the favorite for these two, but it looks like we've lost some major steam since McCray appears to be on his merry way to being part of the payroll in Westwood.

I've heard that Goodwin is extremely close to McCray and Adams was also set to commit out of the blue earlier this week on June 1st. Those two facts don't look good for Fox and company, but Adams did push his decision date back and it looks like distance may play a big role in Goodwin's decision.

This stinks quite a bit, but it's not as big of a deal as it should be. In my opinion, this really isn't that different than Oregon putting Willie Lyles on the register.  In the immortal words of Dale Earnhardt, "If you ain't rubbin, you ain't..." Wait a minute, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin."

I'm also pretty sure that two of the new 2011 guys with offers will be visiting this weekend. Center prospect John Cannon and PF Jared Guest will be trekking down to the Classic City to take in the sights and sounds of the metro. Like Dawgola, I believe there may be a brewing non-qualifier in the works, which is why we're going all out for these two and Richard Peters, who decommitted from OU after Jeff Capel's departure. This Peters guy could be a 2011 or a 2012 kid, depending on when he's cleared to graduate.

Also look for Fox to take a shine to a Plan B, should Ware end up going elsewhere. Anyone in the 6'4 to 6'7 range that can play the three with efficiency has a pretty good chance of getting a late offer from the Dawgs.

Speaking of  Mr. Ware...

Things appear to be getting very interesting with the Ware sweepstakes. It's going to be an extremely tight race for this cat's signature. The latest word is that the top-3 are probably UGA, UCF, and Louisville, with Pitino's Cards leading the pack. There are a few things playing in our favor now, however. Tim Fuller, UL's hoops recruiting coordinator, was hired away to Mizzou by new Tiger's head coach Frank Haith, formerly of Miami. Couple that with Travis leaving and a lot more potential playing time for Ware and the road looks a little more hoe-able for the home team.

I'd estimate that we'll see him sign some time before the end of May. I think it will probably come down to him picking Louisville, but it should be a very exciting next month and a half nonetheless. After hearing Fox's snarky remark last night, he certainly won't be happy to get beat out for another top in-state guy.

Any other questions out there?

****ADDENDUM: Jared Guest will actually not be visiting Athens this weekend. My apologies for the inaccurate intel.


  1. I read on a AJC post that Mark Fox had also offered 2011 SF Dominigue McKoy and 2011 C Philip Jurick.What are some of the strengths that these two guys in particular have?Also,what was Fox's snarky remark?

  2. Yes, also curious about Fox's comment....

  3. Dominique McKoy would be one of those guys who falls in that range I talked about earlier. Also look out for Bernard Thompson, who is Ware's teammate.

    I'll just say it was a jab at Virginia. I'll let you draw your own conclusions there.