Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vegas Odds: Aaron Murray's Heisman Chances, which is an online sportsbook, has released their "2011 Heisman Odds". And based on recent Heisman history, unless your name is Tim Tebow, your team better be playing for a national title. Other than that, there is no reason to believe that a sophomore -- like Murray -- cannot win the award this day and age (e.g. Tebow and Ingram).

So, here are some of the notable names listed with their respective odds:

Aaron Muray -- 40/1
Andrew Luck -- 3/1 (the fav)
Marcus Lattimore -- 5/1 (yeah, I know)
Trent Richardson -- 12/1
Denard Robinson -- 5/1
LaMichael James -- 6/1
Darron Thomas (Oregon QB) -- 30/1
Knile Davis (Arky RB) -- 15/1
Greg Reid -- 60/1
Landry Jones -- 6/1
Ryan Broyles (Oklahoma WR) -- 12/1
Matt Barkley -- 25/1

There were only 22 names listed so the fact that the oddsmakers have Murray in there is some pretty good news. For some reason Boise QB, Kellen Moore, was not listed but I'm sure they will update the candidates multiple times before the season starts. I'll say this...if, and boy do I mean if....we win the opener against Boise on national TV and Murray plays well, the buzz will start. (And yes, I just jinxed us for that game. Sorry.)


  1. I really wish UGA would have landed Greg Reid a few years ago.

    One of the biggest goof ups ever by our coaches. The guy is incredible!

  2. I don't think it was a goof up, we went after him pretty hard, as I recall. He was just another Valdosta player lost to the Noles.