Thursday, April 28, 2011

UGA's National Rank in Basketball Attendance

Well, there is one thing I will point out before I tell you the figure: in Division I men's hoops, there are about 340 teams as opposed to 120 in football. have to keep that in mind. With that said, Georgia ranked 60th in average home attendance with a whopping 8,250 sold tickets per home game. Just to give you some perspective, Clemson ranked 59th and Oregon was 61st. At least we're among a couple of other major programs, right? Not surprisingly, Kentucky ranked No. 1 with a paid attendance 23,603 per game, and the national average was just above 5,000.

But I think the big question is where we compare with other SEC teams. Here are the SEC teams listed in descending order (national rank):

1. Kentucky: 23,603 (1)
2. Tennessee: 18.952 (5)
3. Vanderbilt: 13,802 (18)
4. Arkansas: 11,884 (29)
5. Alabama: 10,983 (35)
6. S. Carolina: 10,427 (41)
7. Florida: 10,186 (42)
8. Georgia: 8,250 (60)
9. LSU: 7,153 (74)
10. Ole Miss: 6,360 (82)
11. Auburn: 6,324 (83)
12. Miss. St.: 5,710 (94)

Obviously, it is mathematically impossible for us to be ahead of the top-5 because Stegeman only holds about 10,500. Regardless, we still aren't selling out for most of the games -- especially the non-conference ones. HOWEVER, there was some very encouraging news from the NCAA attendance figures...

Here are the schools with the biggest jumps in attendance from the '09-10 season to the '10-11 season (I won't list the actual raw number increase, you'll just have to trust me):

1. BYU
2. San Diego St.
3. Louisville
4. St. John's
5. Iowa
6. Florida St.
7. Boise St.
8. Colorado St.
9. Georgia
10. Denver

So at least people at starting to believe. And I would anticipate with our high profile games next season (albeit with most of them on the road) our fan interest should be high when you consider we are coming off an NCAA Tourney appearance.

Here is the deal with UGA hoops: "If you built it, they will come". Let's just hope it gets built.

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