Monday, April 25, 2011

UGA Baseball Update...For All You Seamheads Out There

It doesn't happen very often but we are entering a horrifically slow time of the year so I figured hey...a little baseball update won't hurt anyone.

The Dawgs took 2 out of 3 against Tennessee this past weekend, which makes them 21-20 on the season. While that doesn't sound great, they are 11-7 in SEC Play with 15 regular season (by far the toughest conference in the nation) games left, and their RPI rating is in the top 20 (apparently they have this in baseball too; before the UT series it was 17). So, I think the Dawgs are looking good to make the postseason although I must confess, I'm not entirely positive on what the selection process is for the regionals. I would think having a winning conference record in the SEC should be good enough but who knows...I might sound like an idiot right now.

As for the players, is a game of stats so I'll let you be the judge (unfortunately they don't have advanced sabermetric stats for college baseball like UZR, PECOTA, BABIP, or VORP so you'll have to settle for stuff like...batting average and RPI.

Here are the hitting stats for the Dawgs:

And the pitching stats:

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