Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Travis Leslie Says Sayonara to UGA

It's official -- Dustin Ware will be the lone remaining Dennis Felton holdover next season. Leslie announced yesterday that he will remain in the NBA Draft, thus forgoing his senior season at Georgia. Only a week ago, he said he would not hire an agent which would give him the ability to pull his name out of the draft before the May 8 deadline. He didn't wait till May 8. This could mean a couple of things:
  1. Some (or one) NBA team told him he is very draftable.
  2. He really needs the money from ANY professional team (I don't know his financial situation at all)
  3. He was going to flunk out anyway (he's did this his freshman year but I seriously doubt Fox would let it happen again.)
I'm guessing is was option-1, and he probably felt he would have to play the 3 next year again at Georgia and needed to concentrate on improving his guard skills (translation: He needs to dribble and shoot for the next 6 months straight). Also, he probably felt that since his contemporary left (Thompkins), it was time for him to leave as well.

So who currently compares to Leslie in the NBA? Well, he's sort of like a slightly shorter version of Jason Richardson who can't shoot or dribble very well. Actually, I can't really think of anyone who compares to him. I will say this: there is certainly a spot in the NBA for a guy who can come in and guard a guy for five-minute stretches. Plus, for a shooting guard (which is what he will have to play) he is a WAY above average rebounder. He will certainly be one of he most polarizing players in the draft and projecting his NBA potential is very tricky.

As for his UGA career, it turned out a LOT....excuse me...ALLOT better than I thought it would after he nearly flunked out his freshman season. And I will always remember this masterpiece:

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