Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Where's A.J. Going to Go?

With the draft quickly approaching... wait... er, being today, there is always the last minute draft buzz. The latest hipster news is that A.J. may find himself in one of two places. The first place is a cruddily-run, disenfranchised franchise in which all of it's players want out. The other is a nice, quaint, modern southern town with an emu running loose in it's stadium throwing footballs at hapless fans in their seats.

Here's what the expert, if you like to call him such, Mel Kiper has to say about A.J. It may surprise you a bit as far as where he thinks Green will go.

This type of last-minute shuffling is typical among the gurus- gotta drive up those hit counts. No matter what their purpose, they make some valid points regarding the prospects that are being considered for the number one spot.

In my opinion, there are really two guys that are heads and shoulders above everyone in regard to pure football playing ability. Patrick Peterson and A.J. would be those two. The general consensus amongst all experts is that Cammie Cam will find himself going first overall tomorrow night.

Because of the fact that Peterson and Green are the two best prospects in the draft, it makes sense that there is some late chatter about Cam slipping past the Panthers. Couple that with the fact that the Panthers have already spent a #1 pick on Jimmy Clausen last year and he has absolutely zero weapons at his disposal (yeah, and I know who the receivers are on that team) and you have at least some reason to consider the other two.

Even though Peterson has elite ability, he won't get 10 touches a game, so drafting a CB first overall is a pretty risky endeavor- even if he does return kicks and punts.

I'm not even considering Marcell DAR-eous in this picture, as I don't really see him as being in the same talent class as these two. He wasn't even the best DT in the SEC this year, and I don't really understand all this hype. I mean... he's good, but Ndamukong Suh wasn't even selected first overall and he was the most dominating DT in my recent memory.

So now we're down to A.J. and sCam. It would be hard for me to rationalize either of these two.  A.J. is likely the most "sure thing" of the two, but if you pick him, you have to be sold on your current QB. I'd say the Panthers can't feel peachy about Clausen back there, but one year is a pretty small data set with which to decide. Cam isn't a finish product, and again, I feel like if you spend a #1 pick on a guy he has to come in and make your team better on day one. That probably won't be the case if they go with Newton, but it's hard to fault the Panthers if they don't like their current situation at emu... I mean quarterback.

Bottom line, MY PREDICTION:

Goodell: "With the fourth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select... A.J. Green, wide receiver, Georgia."

I guess this means I hope that guy on contract at QB in Charlotte for the next 5 years has very, very little to smile about.

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