Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Now It's Tereshinski's Fault That Trinton's Knee Imploded for the 3rd Time?

I've been reading message boards for a very long time and this has to be the most ill-informed and ridiculous conclusion drawing I've ever witnessed. Let's just go ahead and get this out of the way- here are a few questions to ask yourself:
  • Was JT training the team when Sturdy blew out his knee the first two times? 
  • Are you really naive enough to believe that either stretching or not stretching has a huge impact on whether or not you blow out your knee with those gargantuan "knee shackles" protecting them?
  • Do you think that the guy might have at least a little predisposition of weak knees?
  • On top perhaps having weak knees, are people really designed for 6'5 and 330 pounds and the inordinate amount of lateral movement with hazards flying at your lower leg?
  • I'm pretty sure the only way you could actually blame this on JT was if he told Alisa Goler to take her Easton and swing away upside his knee. You think he did that?
Frankly, I'm speechless. How can a grownup rationalize this kind of insanity. I don't know if Joe T is super qualified for this job (or that it was even close to a good idea to just hand it to him), but the guy isn't causing injuries. Bitching about every single issue relating to UGA athletics has become laugable. Isn't there something better to do with your time- like maybe assemble your clown posse and form a circus?

For those of you out there actually buying that malarkey, I assume you also complain about too much sugar in your sweet tea and too few members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Basically, you have a lot in common with that bat from "Ferngully"... and the real Robin Williams... 


  1. I, too, am floored by the thought that anyone believes JoeT's S&C regime is responsible for the rash of injuries - much less Sturdivant's.
    Apparently there is some dissension inside Butts-Mehre about the new S&C program. Rivals' Radi Nabulsi said in a recent interview with 960 The Ref that there are people "on staff" who believe S&C is responsible for the injuries.
    Internal fault finding is not good - especially with so much on the line this season.

  2. They are going (near) full-speed a lot, which is not the way the last few springs have gone. Players get hurt at full-speed but, do we want 85 healthy players or a few dozen junkyard dogs??? I'll take the latter.

  3. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog NationApril 12, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    I want them spittin' fire when they take the field in the Dome! & Healthy....so, I'd rather have 'em banged up now...rather than then. GO DAWGS!!!

    Ps. The injury to TS is a shame. I don't blame that on S&C. As for the Hamstrings...they were an issue last spring, the one before that, and the one before that....injuries as such are just plane a issue period,

  4. EC,

    I saw that audio linked on the blog. It was a good listen, but it's really hard for me to believe that there are people on the staff that actually buy that. While I'm not on the inside of the program, who, even on the outside, would beleive that the reason guys are getting hurt is because they're getting too big too fast and maxing out every two weeks.

    I haven't heard the guys from LSU or Florida complaining that they're "too muscled up" and it isn't good for them. I know you're just being the messenger, but sheesh... some of these guys.

  5. Oh yeah, the fact that the coaches can't agree on this concern is typical. Frankly, I'm not surprised by this type of rumor anymore, which is the most disturbing part about it.

  6. FU had over 15 players injured for their F-Day game and didn't play. They weren't unusual. Richt has returned to what we used to do after several years of cuddling in order to have more players available and to prevent all the cross training at positions. Now he has them hitting and injuries are occurring in practice. Which side of the toast do we want buttered, folks?

  7. For me, I'll take the hittin side please!

  8. Then grit your teeth and let the injuries begin. We just don't need everyone weighing in later to lambast Richt when players are pulled from former positions in order to fill in for losses. The fact of some players being confused and displaying erratic performance in the past can be attributed to this very action.