Monday, April 18, 2011


I've never done this before, but because of the inordinate amount of "you're not a fan", "find another team to gripe about", and "this blog's trash and I wasted five minutes of my life reading, so I'll never be back," comments, I felt the need to more succinctly drive home my incredibly obvious points about today's post.

I would not spend countless hours writing this blog in order to "start controversy". If that was my aim, I'd just go on the AJC and pick fights with Nerd fans. I was just putting my thoughts in words for you to "TAKE IT FOR WHAT ITS WORTH". If you sincerely think that we're going to be vastly improved from last year because of what you did or most likely did not see (I know I sure didn't see much to warrant anything) on Saturday, what leads you to this conclusion? I'm likely one of the biggest optimists you'll find regarding Georgia, just take the time to actually read a few posts.

As far as strength and conditioning goes, I don't know anything about what goes on other than what I'm told. I've heard from more than enough people to know that there is quite a lot of dissension even among the coaches about this. No matter how you slice it up or what you think, that isn't good. On the other hand, I have heard a lot more encouraging things as far as team unity and leadership goes this year, however, which is a POSTIVE at which to point.

I'm a big fan of Kwame Geathers. Good family and great kid. That does not detract from the fact that the coaches made a point to tell ALL of the OL that if a starter went down with an injury it would be their ass if they even fell anywhere near a starting DL's knees. That basically limits them to stand up and wrassle', which, if you're Kwame, you're only going to see 10% of the time. I hope he does completely ball out though, as I'll be one of the guys cheering the loudest after he obviously deserved more playing time last year.

In summation, I do, in fact, love the Georgia Bulldogs and don't appreciate getting emails calling me a "Florida plant" (whatever that is) or "Mark Bradley in Nazi duds". So please, I'm just calling it like I see it. If that's a little on the negative side right now, sorry. Wasn't 6-6 and a loss to UCF with all that talent on the roster painful to you too?

***Oh, and if you decide to make fun of me in the comments (usages of "your/you're") please check your punctuation and grammar. You're just giving me ammo.***


  1. I was one of the commentors on the G-Day post (pointing out that Thomas Brown was also part of the new training program). Ur (see how I side-stepped that trap?!?) no Sports-n-Grits, I enjoy your blog. You did seem more negative about the G-Day game that most folks I've read. But hey, that's not always a categorical bad thing.

  2. Stand up and take it when you get criticized. Many of us wish to merrily whistle through the graveyard until kickoff in Atlanta. Your observation, while honest for you, is not the type of observation we can obtain anything from that will help some of us weather the summer. Going forward with anything except rose-tinted glasses is not for some of us. As Donald Southerland expressed in the movie "Kelly's Heros",... "Don't gimme no negative waves!". That's probably all that readers were voicing.

  3. Gossipy tidbits about Kwame won't endear you to any reader that I'm aware of. It's "Gossipy" because you haven't verified squat about the remark and a good journalist usually goes through two verifications before mentioning what someone says next to you in a conversation. Not good journalism, just your opinion.

  4. It`s very hard to actually interpret what will be improved from spring to fall training. I think what will determine if the Dawgs have improved or not will be during the opening drives for both offense and defense and during mid 4th qtr play on Sept 3rd and the scoreboard result at the end. That is what the weight training and discipline is for up to then all we have is opinions, and observations. Hopefully this summer will be boring with no negative incidents involving players or injuries not football related.

    P.S. If your going be a journalist/blog writer you need a thicker skin.. don`t let a few people who are possibly on the lunatic fringe of the fanbase or just plain opinonated themselves set you off. You are never going to be able to make everyone happy and since you are entitled to your opinon like anyone else so be it. Write it, if people don`t like it oh well.

  5. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog NationApril 18, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    Definitely can't please 'em all, all the time! I didn't read you earlier blog, but I do know that the Spring Game is just doesn't mean crap! Yes, we all want to come out of it with a feeling like "We're going to be awesome this year!". But, the reality of it is that there were many players out of the game...we don't know what some of the new players will add...and it's basically a game simulation to pump up the fan base and throw the players a bone for busting their humps in spring practice.

    As for the S&C...personally I've only heard good things coming out of the results. From players. I haven't heard anything about grumblings about the program...others then opinions, or hear say. Richt has taken a it's my way or the highway approach, and so has Coach T with the S&C program. As a result, the players will join together more and become a better unit. It's the nature of the beast. When a group of young men are forced to endure something that could be compared to boot camp...they will come together. They will gain respect for the ones who are obviously busting their butts. And lose it for the one's who are selling the rest of them short.

    Not one kid wants to repeat a season like last their putting in the effort from what I have heard.

    Time to pull for the Baseball and Softball teams!!

    GO DAWGS!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments folks. All opinions are appreciated.

    As for the thick skin, you all know the old adage about opinions and so do I.

  7. Life lesson: Never waste an ounce of your energy over internet, lunatic Disney Dawgs. Stewart Mandel famously called out the delusion in our fan base with staggering accuracy, sadly.

    Hedges to Hardwood, consider it a badge of honor when you ruffle their feathers ;)

    Lastly, it's hard to lend an ounce of credibility to anonymous posters (like 2 above) who've yet to master the difference between:

    1) your and you're
    2) they're and their.

    Keep posting like you see it. Love the blog! Go Dawgs!!

  8. Didn't read the earlier post, but always enjoy reading this blog over many others. Keep up the good work!

  9. I'm the guy from, and so I also write my thoughts and opinions on my site. 1st off, this is a very interesting blog and I always enjoy reading it. I do honestly think the S&C program is better, having talked to some of the players. But as for the spring day not bein at all how the season will be, I agree. Who knows how good kwame will really be? None of this scrimmage against yourself crap will mean anything until Sept.3. anyway, keep up the good writing.

  10. Wow - this was the first post I read today and I had to go back and read the preceding posts. The first reaction I had as I was reading was, "no wonder." You may be right on point about everything you wrote, but while "your" insight may be entirely factual, it is how "you're" delivering it that got to folks.

    I appreciate your candor but I think the point got lost in the shuffle, FWIW.

  11. All,

    Thanks for reading the blog. Your contribution to our site, healthy dialog amongst fans, is why we enjoy doing this 5 or more days a week.

    If you can believe it, GO DAWGS!

  12. Ally Garner are you a grammar nazi? really? it`s a freakin blog to past time, get over yourself. I could`ve brought up the type-o of the all caps "POSTIVE" in the original blog post not the correct POSITIVE but I didn`t did I?