Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Impressions of G-Day... Notes About Kwame Geathers You'll Want to Know

For anyone that tells you that they took away meaningful impressions of the annual G-Day game, they obviously dropped some acid before the game. The way that the teams were picked basically lead to me checking and re-checking my program, which was, thankfully, marketed to me effectively under the bridge on my way in. This also had the effect of making the game virtually unwatchable from an excitement factor stand point.

Needless to say, my boredom led to quite a few less than stellar opinions of what I saw, but like I said, I'm not taking much, if anything, away from this game.

These are my initial impressions, which really mean exactly nothing, so take it FWIW:

  • Beside Aaron Murray, Orson Charles is our best offensive player... and it isn't close.
  • If anyone tells you Richard Samuel looks great at LB, do not believe a word they say. He overran almost every play that I chose to single him out on. The fumble he recovered was simply because of over pursuit. I'm hoping that he can improve here, as he has all the tools and I'll be cheering him on.
  • As soon as Malcolm Mitchell steps on the field, he may be our best receiver.
  • Couldn't tell a thing about the new guys along the offensive line. I'll have to watch the replay.
  • Very, very thin in the defensive backfield.
  • Todd Grantham, way to find a spot for Alec Ogletree. Less coverage, more head bussin'...
  • How in the world did Marlon Brown drop that pass? Wait a minute, I know how.
Lastly, this one is going to take a whole paragraph to dissect. Pardon my candor, but everyone seems to be on Kwame Geathers nuts right now. He had quite a few nice plays yesterday, I'll admit that. It was G-Day folks. I have a few interesting notes regarding this. I sat next to a walk-on's dad who will remain nameless. He had some interesting notes regarding Mr. Geathers that could be directly responsible for the marked increase in backfield intrusion.

Offensive lineman could not cut block any of the projected starters along the defensive line. If you know anything about what Kwame will experience in real game action, he'll only get cut-blocked about... oh.... 85% of the time. I won't completely discount what I saw, but knowing that definitely tempers my enthusiasm on Kwame's performance.

Another interesting note. At the end of the game (1:20 left) I noticed Caleb King and Zander Ogletree signing autographs at the hedges. Subsequently, I noticed Joe T. scowling at them. He yelled, "HEY KING, WE GOTTA GAME GOING ON OUT HERE! QUIT THAT AUTOGRAPH CRAP!!!!" in the most surly old-man voice I've ever heard. 

I really wish you could hear my impression of it- completely hilarious moment. I'm sorry, but it's hard for me to imagine that these players have a ton of respect for this guy. I can imagine they're thinking, "This guy was cutting up film last year, now grandpa's telling me how I'm gonna gain 30lbs. of muscle? Yeah... right." My negative outlook on this hire continues to grow, especially after seeing Cordy's 30 new pounds.

So... yeah, I'm pretty optimistic about this year's team. After last year, you might have to consider that the optimism bar has been placed on another scale however. I won't go into what that scale relates to, but it rhymes with "schmix and schmix."


  1. Could you be any more negative? Wish I could have the 5 minutes back that I just wasted reading this trash! Go find another team to cheer are no Dawg fan!

  2. Remember, It's not just Joe T but, also Thomas Brown pushing the new training program. I've only seen Kwame's gains (not lucky enough to live close to Athens) but, that alone gives me hope there are players benefiting from the change. Why the negativity?

  3. Yeah this was a definite waste of an article. There have been a lot of players that have had nothing but great things to say about the new S&C program. Players that are really buying into it and seeing the results. The winning team's prize was being able to miss one of Joe T.'s workouts. If you don't think this guy has earned respect in the weight room, you're crazy. All in all, this was one of the better spring games I've seen in a while. Hell, even Mark Bradley, the biggest UGA naysayer of all, noticed a sense of hunger that we haven't seen in a while. Negative people are going to see things negatively.

  4. Martin,
    Your an idiot. By the way, Im not sure which pass your referring to but Marlon wasnt the one who dropped the deep ball from Murray.

  5. what they said times 10!!!!