Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ohio State Steppin' Up the Schedule...Sort of.

In 2013, Ohio State will play a regular season game against an SEC team. I know, I know, it is uncharted territory for their usual MAC-fest of a non-conference schedule. The only problem -- their opponent is Vandy and I'm fairly certain it's not a home-and-home. Oh well, stepping stones I guess. They might as well schedule as tough as possible because some of these Akron wins may be vacated pretty soon.

One thing that bothers me is the fact that SEC teams are challenging themselves out of conference (except Florida) which makes me even more critical of Ohio State. Take a look at some of tOSU's non-conference opponents the past two years + this coming year:
  • Marshall
  • Ohio
  • Eastern Michigan
  • Navy
  • Toledo
  • New Mexico State
  • Akron
  • Toledo
And no, listing Toledo twice was not a mistake. To their credit, they did schedule a home and home with Miami (who they played last year) and Colorado (whoop-de do...well, if you're UGA you would be scared).


  1. bring back the real SILVER britches!!April 7, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    OSU also played a home and home with Texas in 2005-2006 (Longhorns were top 3 both of those years, series split), a home and home vs. USC in 2008-2009 (Trojans were top 2 both years) and at Washington. How much more can they do? They play a better non-conference schedule than we do at UGA, as they have played legit national powers, while we play GT (and CLemson in 2012-13). The Buckeyes can't help it that their conference sucks! I think they do a pretty good job of scheduling at least one marquee big time program every year.

  2. They play ONE big non conference game every year. We have to play Tech every year (not that they are always great) plus another big game (e.g. Okey State, Colorado, Boise, Clemson, Arizona State) AND play in the toughest conference. If the Big Ten sucks then play more than one tough OOC game.