Monday, April 11, 2011

Mark Gottfried Setting Up His Staff- Jimmy Harrick Included?

This would be an absolutely incredible hire for the restart ex-Bammer head man. The Charlotte News-Observer has an article that features some quotes from Jimmy about the possibility of being on his understudy's new staff, which has already been filled out with Orlando Early and Bobby Lutz:

"I don't know the answer to that right now," Harrick said. "We haven't gotten to that point."

It's not hard to put together the dots and realize that Gottfried and Harrick will get to that point very, very quickly. Whether or not you like Jim, you have to admit that he's one hell of a head coach. To have that kind of guy as an assistant would be, to say the least, a grand slam for Debbie "The Looney Toon" Yow.

Because I'm not sick of bitching about injustices in college sports, Harrick, as you all know, got an extremely raw deal. Really? $300 dollars and a couple of A's and Jim Calhoun can hire and pay a guy to deliver recruits to him and gets a few game suspension? Preposterous. I guess you really have to consider that was strike three for Jimmy though. I still am chapped about the postseason self-imposed ban that season, however.

Look for NC State to start off with a bang next season if Harrick finds a way into the assistant coach fold.

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