Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mark Gottfried has Re-landed, and Fox is Planted.

After a minor bit of speculation that Mark Fox might be on the radar for the N.C. State opening, that was officially put to rest as former Alabama head coach (and former Harrick assistant) Mark Gottfried was named the head man for the Wolfpack yesterday. Although I have nothing against Gottfried, I can't think he was NC State's first choice as head coach. Heck, many think NC State is a better job than Georgia or Alabama. So for them to settle for a fired SEC coach reeks of "seventh or eight guy on the list".

This also brings up another question: how strong is the ACC in basketball now? Although the NC State AD, Debbie Yow, is a little off her rocker by all accounts, I feel like this job would have been highly coveted 10 or 12 years ago. And you have to think they went through all the "hot names" for this coaching search.

Another issue more relevant to Georgia fans, is how schools are coming after Fox. UNLV has also been mentioned recently as a possible suitor for Fox for their current opening (according to Tim Tucker @AJC...the linked article also mentions that Fox and McGarity are still in talks for a new contract). I mean, if UNLV thinks they are in the same class or higher than UGA, then we need to reevaluate our program. I know they have had some big seasons over the years but jeez. By all accounts, Fox is perfectly happy in Athens, and with Anthony Grant supposedly getting a new extension (for his NIT final four run), you have to think a major conference school like UGA will compensate their coach even if basketball is number-2. Because please...I can't take another Ron Jirsa situation.

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